Positive thoughts and more (self)confidence from affirmations. For more optimism and a positive attitude to life. No matter if you want to change the world, strive for more happiness and success or just wish that everything stays as beautiful as it is.

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The affirmations from the pictures as text:

The small things of this world bring great joy to me.

Every season has its own beauty and its own light. It shines the brighter the more often I become aware of it.

With every breath I receive new strength and power. I let the energy flow through my body.

Every moment of my life is created in my mind.

What I still fantasize today, I can already experience tomorrow.

Inner peace and patience help me achieving my aims.

Inner balance and harmony let my mind grow.

I believe in the power of my thoughts.

My spirit and my body are in harmony.

I get better and better at relaxing and concentrating.

Every day I start with a happy thought.

I still believe in fairy tales and miracles.

Each day I get along better and better with all kinds of people.

I feel happy and free.

I completely immerse in the here and now.

I create my world with my thoughts.

I let the light and the sun into my life. This gives me growth and strength.

Just like a tree blossoms anew every spring, my hope will always come back to life.

Nature provides me with energy, relaxation and peace.

All my senses are open for our world. I pay attention to every little thing and consciously perceive everything around me.

I am inspired by inner purity.

I enjoy every single part of my lifepath as much as I can.

To see miracles, I just have to look out the window.

I think positive.

In the world of my fantasies and dreams I rule.

Everything that surrounds me is arranged the way I want.

It is impossible not to like me.

I am just really lucky.

My ideas, feelings and thoughts leave traces.

Romance, love and beauty are waiting every day of my life.

I trust in the power of life and nature.

Every moment offers the chance for the great happiness.

My senses let me live infinity for a moment.

Deep down, you know things are rising up.

At the end of the storm a rainbow is waiting.

A magical protection lies over all life.

There is always a new awakening.

After every winter comes spring.

Forget about yesterday and tomorrow. Live in the present.

All things have two sides.

In silence I gather new strength.

The sun will rise again.

Joy has many colors.

A higher power is guiding me.

Now is the time for reflection.

I live in harmony with all elements.

I receive the power of life.

I enjoy the silent moments.

If we hold together, we can achieve anything we want.