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Angel Tarot

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Draw an angel card and receive a prediction for the imminent day. What has the short future in store? What kind of risks, chances and challenges might wait for me?

At first, you have to decide, which deck you want to use. The tarot gives a deeper view, but it might also reveal the dark or grey sides of the next time - at least a little bit. It' s meaning is influenced by the Major Arcana, which describes all aspects of life, even though it still contains the spirit of helpful celestial beings.

The other deck is completely positive and full of optimism. It's divinations have the character of encouragements.

  • Interpretations - Daily Angel Card
  • Divination
  • An important decision today will affect the whole tomorrow.
  • Integrity
  • Conflictive point of views should be harmonized in the near future.
  • Miracle
  • Your creative thoughts can work wonders. Especially on this day.
  • Goodness
  • Presently, you can achieve more with a friendly attitude.
  • Forgiveness
  • This is a good day to be at peace with the world and yourself.
  • Solace
  • A new attitude lets everything shine in a new light, by and by.
  • Shelter
  • Higher powers shouldn't be overburdened, in the near future.
  • Vigor
  • Inner powers may lighten the mood and raise your joie de vivre, soon.
  • Warning
  • Your inner voice is able to warn you from unpleasant or dangerous situations, today.
  • Belief
  • In a little while, faith and confidence might be inevitable.
  • Love
  • Beauty and romance may bring joy to your heart, in the upcoming time.
  • Trust
  • Looking confident towards the future can bring you inner peace and relaxation, shortly.
  • Altruism
  • In the next time, you should probably watch the world from a bird's eye view.
  • Guidance
  • A sign of fate may show you the right way, in a little while.
  • Commitment
  • Presently, passion and dedication might be necessary to reach your aims.
  • Lore
  • Knowledge and experience can be of great benefit, in the near future.
  • Consciousness
  • This is a good day to see the world with new eyes.
  • Release
  • In the upcoming time, you have the possibility to let go from a heavy burden.
  • Farewell
  • Betimes, something might leave to new pastures or get lost.
  • Maintenance
  • Today is a good time to take care of the material well-being.
  • Justice
  • It is probably helpful to be open-minded and impartial, in the near future.
  • Magic
  • Magical powers can support your success, shortly.
  • Duty
  • In the next time, egoism might lead you to the wrong path.
  • Universe
  • You should think in long terms, today.