What do the angels tell me about today and tomorrow? Find your angel card for the day. You can select a single card for the day or a spread with four cards.

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Angel Cad for the Day - Title

Angel card for the Day

What do the angels tell me about today and tomorrow? Find your angel card for the day. You can select a single card for the day or a spread with four cards.

Daily angel card

An angel card gives a glimpse of the upcoming hours. What can the celestial beings tell me about the next time? Should I be prepared for dangers? Are there special opportunities waiting for me somewhere?

Find your angel card for today and tomorrow

There are two variants to choose from. You decide at the beginning of each reading which one to use.

Daily card

A single card is drawn here. It reveals a temporary motto, looks at the next hours or does something else that is expected of it. Day cards are in fact quite popular for purposes other than predictions about the current date. They can be laid intuitively and give answers to any question. The interpretation of the angel cards is focused on the present date, but it should not be difficult to interpret the message to other times or questions.

Daily reading

Four cards are drawn that look at different far away points in the future.

1. today

2. tomorrow

3. a date in the near future

Some point in the next few weeks or months.

4. one day

A date that lies at least one or two years in the future.

What does your angel show you today?

The interpretation of the deck here is given with a view to the short-term future. It is oriented to the people of the present, with all their worries and hopes. The basic message, on the other hand, originates from biblical times. But what then were flocks of sheep and the wrath of God, today are success at work, a botched date or unfavorable coincidences.

Nevertheless, one can still benefit from this archaic magic nowadays. Because the goodness of the angels knows neither space nor time. It might still help and warn of risks. Both in the long term and for the very near future.

  • Angel Daily Card - Interpretations
  • 1 - Divination
  • Today, an important decision can affect the entire future.
  • 2 - Integrity
  • On this day it is important to treat people rightly and adequately.
  • 3 - Miracle
  • Something wonderful may happen today, that you barely think is possible.
  • 4 - Goodness
  • Today is a good day to do something good and help others.
  • 5 - Forgiveness
  • A good day to be at peace with yourself and the world.
  • 6 - Solace
  • A change of attitude lets everything shine in a new light, today.
  • 7 - Shelter
  • Higher forces might give you their protection on this day.
  • 8 - Vigor
  • Inner forces lift the mood and the joy for life, today.
  • 9 - Warning
  • A gut feeling may warn you of unwanted situations, on this day.
  • 10 - Belief
  • On this day your faith and your confidence will be tested.
  • 11 - Love
  • Beauty and romance will make your heart beat faster, on this day.
  • 12 - Trust
  • Trust in the future can give reassurance and strengthen your confidence, especially today.
  • 13 - Altruism
  • Important matters should be estimated from a higher perspective, today.
  • 14 - Guidance
  • On this day, a sign of fate may show you the right way.
  • 15 - Commitment
  • A lot can be achieved today with devotion and wholehearted dedication.
  • 16 - Lore
  • On this day usable knowledge and experience are required.
  • 17 - Consciousness
  • Today is a good day to look at the world from a different angle.
  • 18 - Release
  • Today is a good day to get loose from a pressure.
  • 19 - Farewell
  • On this day, something might go away and not come back so soon.
  • 20 - Maintenance
  • This is a good day to increase your material well-being.
  • 21 - Justice
  • This day should be met without prejudice.
  • 22 - Magic
  • Enchanting spirits join you on your way, on this day.
  • 23 - Duty
  • Strong egotism could lead you down the wrong path today.
  • 24 - Universe
  • On this day you should think in long and global terms.
  • 25 - Origin
  • An inner light can provide guidance and hope today.
  • 26 - Wisdom
  • On this day wisdom and a sharp mind are required.
  • 27 - Uniqueness
  • With your personality and you and your very own skills, you can achieve a lot today..
  • 28 - Mercy
  • On this day mistakes are forgiven and compassion is shown.
  • 29 - Order
  • In the near future, rules and agreements have to be kept.
  • 30 - Balance
  • This is a good day to reach agreements and make peace.
  • 31 - Infinity
  • Today is a good day to decelerate your life and gain more stability.
  • 32 - Impulse
  • Today, strong energies take effect and cause movement.
  • 32 - Creation
  • On this day you can bring something to life.
  • 32 - Earth
  • Today the earthly life and the physical well-being move in the focus.

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