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What kind of dangers are threatening me? An how can guardian angels help?

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They protect from harm or dangers and hold their sheltering hand over people in need. Guardian angels are said to be a palladium against evil. But they give more than safeguard. Their aim is not only to provide cover, it is also to guide human beings to advancement and growth.

In this reading, two cards have to be drawn. The first one is a tarot card and warns from a danger or a defiance. The second one is an angel card and shows a way to defend the described fatality.

Shelter from the powers that be

A guardian angel is not preventing every suffrage. Sometimes people need to learn their lesson or make painful but necessary experiences to find their path or reach their destination. In the bible, the celestial messengers challenged the hero on his journey, and in some cases they even wanted a proof of faith from the ones they guarded.

In today's world, it is similar. You might personally know a lot of people, which had a tremendous luck in certain situations. However, probably not one of them was spared from experiencing distress or sorrow for a whole lifetime. And probably they wouldn't be the persons, they are, if it would had been this way.

Also negative experiences are an important part of the learning process and of life. But this does not mean, one should not struggle against doom. Angels try to protect especially from big disasters and any absurd misfortune. The aim is still a peaceful and satisfied existence on earth.

  • The threats from the Tarot
  • 0 - Fool
  • Mad thoughts and erratic doings perhaps become a threat to you.
  • 1 - Magician
  • Malicious thoughts, sinister purposes and dark magic gain dangerousness.
  • 2 - High Priestess
  • Confusing visions, disturbing suggestions and black art probably create risks for you.
  • 3 - Empress
  • Phlegm and unreliable ruling may lead to difficulties.
  • 4 - Emperor
  • Conflicts, vengefulness and clashes for power perhaps bring you into danger.
  • 5 - Hierophant
  • A too strict belief or rigid ways of thinking might be a threat for you.
  • 6 - Love
  • Suppressed feelings, emotional bondage and risky love affairs menace your happiness.
  • 7 - Chariot
  • Irresponsibility, overblown goals and headless courage might lead you into problematic situations.
  • 8 - Justice
  • Barriers, obstructions or unfavorable agreements probably cause trouble.
  • 9 - Hermit
  • Loneliness, fear of people and a retreat from life can endanger your fortune.
  • 10 - Fortune
  • An unlucky fate and unforeseeable moods of destiny might cause chaos and a loss of control.
  • 11 - Strength
  • The greed for power and energy might bring you in an unfortunate position.
  • 12 - The Hanged
  • Confinement and incapacitation may cause difficult situations.
  • 13 - Death
  • A sudden or conceivable end is threatening to become a hazard for you.
  • 14 - Temperance
  • Excessive demands and a too strong focus on peanuts might bring you in a suboptimal situation.
  • 15 - Devil
  • Destructive thoughts, cattiness and deceitfulness might lead you to a dangerous point in your life.
  • 16 - Tower
  • Necessities, rigid rules and a lack of freedom might be a danger for your happiness.
  • 17 - Star
  • Unanswered feelings, hopeless desires and long distances can cause sadness and grief.
  • 18 - Moon
  • A lack of control and forgotten secrets can be detrimental for you.
  • 19 - Sun
  • A painful truth or premature developments may entail an overheated situation.
  • 20 - Last Judgment
  • Unrealistic dreams or something unresolved might lead you to a problematic path.
  • 21 - Heaven
  • Anchorless-ness, missing continuity and a lack of orientation might bring danger to you.
  • Protection from celestial powers: An angel ...
  • Divination
  • ... helps you looking forward to the future and using all you chances to cope with the situation.
  • Integrity
  • ... helps you coming to a decision and finding an appropriate solution.
  • Miracle
  • ... changes the situation in a positive direction. Dreams come true, instead of nightmares.
  • Goodness
  • ... lets love in your heart and supports, that everything comes to a happy end.
  • Forgiveness
  • ... forgives your mistakes and helps you with a fresh start.
  • Solace
  • ... comforts you and helps you finding solutions for all problems.
  • Shelter
  • ... is laying a protective hand above you and keeping evil far away from you.
  • Vigor
  • ... is sending you energy. With new vigor and courage, nothing can bring you down.
  • Warning
  • ... warns you from devious steps and shows you ways, how to handle threats and avoid dangers.
  • Belief
  • ... is strengthening your belief. Everything is going to be fine, even though it might not look like this.
  • Love
  • ... shows you the power of love. This makes all your worldly sorrows go away.
  • Trust
  • ... endows you with security and strengthens your trust in good and in your future.
  • Altruism
  • ... shows you the greater purpose of your situation and helps you learning a lesson.
  • Guidance
  • ... takes you by the hand and gives you guidance. Your inner voice may disclose a solution.
  • Commitment
  • ... stands by your side and enforces your defense powers against all menaces.
  • Lore
  • ... shows you the truth and reveals hidden ways, how everything may end well.
  • Consciousness
  • ... sharpens your perception and expands your horizon. Now you can detect dangers betimes and be prepared.
  • Release
  • ... relieves you from your sorrows and helps you enjoying your life liberated.
  • Farewell
  • ... helps you wiping the slate clean and starting over. Things get fixed or created completely new.
  • Maintenance
  • ... takes care, that you receive everything you need to solve your problems.
  • Justice
  • ... brings justice and discovers a righteous solution for all people involved.
  • Magic
  • ... is invigorating your positive attitude to life. Everything might turn out to be fine on a magical way.
  • Duty
  • ... shows you, how you can help yourself on your own strength.
  • Universe
  • ... lets you estimate the situation from a superior look-out. You are able to find solutions and hold dangers off.