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What kind of dangers are threatening me? An how can guardian angels help?

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They protect from harm or dangers and hold their sheltering hand over people in need. Guardian angels are said to be a palladium against evil. But they give more than safeguard. Their aim is not only to provide cover, it is also to guide human beings to advancement and growth.

In this reading, two cards have to be drawn. The first one is a tarot card and warns from a danger or a defiance. The second one is an angel card and shows a way to defend the described fatality.

Shelter from the powers that be

A guardian angel is not preventing every suffrage. Sometimes people need to learn their lesson or make painful but necessary experiences to find their path or reach their destination. In the bible, the celestial messengers challenged the hero on his journey, and in some cases they even wanted a proof of faith from the ones they guarded.

In today's world, it is similar. You might personally know a lot of people, which had a tremendous luck in certain situations. However, probably not one of them was spared from experiencing distress or sorrow for a whole lifetime. And probably they wouldn't be the persons, they are, if it would had been this way.

Also negative experiences are an important part of the learning process and of life. But this does not mean, one should not struggle against doom. Angels try to protect especially from big disasters and any absurd misfortune. The aim is still a peaceful and satisfied existence on earth.