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The great psychic oracle reading with angel cards. Nine cards offer their advice for the personal wellbeing, the material success, luck, joy, love and inner growth. You can also draw just one card. Its interpretation includes a prediction for the day.

What the positions of the angel oracle reading mean

1. Earthly Happiness

The reading begins in the world on earth and the need to have a good life, in which people can develop and find happiness.

2. Wish Fulfillment

This position is about spiritual support in the realization of wishes. What attitude is helpful in this matter?

3. Energy

How do the angels give me their empowering mana?

4. Emotions

How can I experience deep feelings and strong affection for another person?

5. Harmony

How is the coexistence with other people and the whole society determined by peace and harmony?

6. Romance

What can I do to make heavenly beings enhance romance and a wonderful love life?

7. Awareness

How do I ensure that my mind is awake, understands this world and pays attention to every little thing?

8. Wisdom

How do I ensure that my decisions and actions are characterized by wisdom and thoughtfulness?

9. Love

What attitude helps me find a deep and divine love within me?

Example for a reading with nine cards:

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