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The divination of the future is the purpose of this angel oracle. Twelve cards give advice in personal matters like romance or success. They may find answers to problems or take a look on new opportunities. The focus lies at the upcoming time, from today until the end of the year.

    Two decks can be selected at the beginning of the reading

  • Angelcards
  • Two decks can be selected at the beginning of the reading:
  • Angel Tarot
  • Mystical, magic, arcane. Comprises various aspects of life.

    The twelve positions and their meaning:

  • 1. The twelve positions and their meaning:

  • The first card looks at the present and the imminent time. What is essential, right now?
  • 2. 2. This week

  • A foretelling of the next days. What stands before me? In which direction am I heading?
  • 3. This month

  • What you might want to know about the next weeks. Are there one-of-a-kind chances waiting for me? Should I prepare for sudden obstacles?
  • 4. The actual year

  • What is the omen of this year? Did I use my time right, so far? Did I miss something? How do I find my assignment - at least of this period? And what might that be?
  • 5. Love advice

  • What I should know about romance, emotions or maybe my relationship. Does cupid have heartthrob and amorousness for me in store? Should I keep something in mind about my partner, my desires or my feelings?
  • 6. Hint for success

  • How can I reach my targets? This position is about wealth, the career and finances. However, it can also be about living your life the way you like. Or about physical respectively athletic success.
  • 7. In case of decisions

  • What can help me with difficult decisions? Maybe the card already gives an idea, what kind of choice could be wise or what also should be considered.
  • 8. Advice for problems

  • If troubles arise or a problem persists, this position of the reading helps finding a solution, maybe a certain action or an inner state.
  • 9. This leads to happiness

  • What brings me joy and makes my heart beat faster, in future. This position is simply about pleasure and a good mood.
  • 10. This brings me growth

  • How can I reach mental maturity and inner growth? While the antecedent position is focusing on a debonair and lope lifestyle, the aim here is to learn from tasks and even from adversities.
  • 11. I have to help myself with this

  • You are on your own in this matter. Neither angels nor humans will presumably be of big help. You have to find a way by your own and do whatever is necessary by yourself.
  • 12. Angels may help me here

  • Celestial beings may support you in this matter. This can be a challenge on your personal path, a planned achievement or a long-desired wish.