This foretelling game uses astrological symbols to find out which persons are able or willed to somehow support you in the next future. Do some crystal ball gazing.

How does this horoscope prediction work?

This foretelling game involves two steps.

  • The first step is about identifying your topical ambition. 10 categories, such as love, lust, knowledge or even vice exist.
  • If your foretold category is not an aim for you, it might be a fear that you are attached to, or a simple warning.

  • The second step tries to foretell which zodiac is going to help you with your ambition.
  • If you doubt that the selected category is one of your ambitions, then maybe you have to interpret the result as a caution or an uncomfortable assumption. Don’t be astonished by ambiguous answers. Crystal ball gazing is said to necessitate a certain portion of your gut feeling. You of course have to put the result in the context of your individual life.

Now start the Astro Crystal Ball