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In general horoscopes take a look at the stars and make a divination of the future or reveal something about the personality. This free daily horoscope takes a different path. It gives its prediction with the help of cartomancy. For today and for tomorrow.

The deck contains 120 cards, that are arranged like a horoscope. There is a Moon in the sign of the Sagittarius, for example, a Sun, that provides new energy to the Aries, or a Mars that arouses rapturous impulses in the Leo. Ten celestial bodies of our solar system visit all the twelve zodiac signs. Each combination has its own card. Further examples would be Venus in Capricorn, Mercury in Gemini or Neptune in the Pisces.

The interpretation comes from the astrological meaning of all stellar constellations. Anyway, before the six cards can be drawn, a zodiac sign has to be chosen. This selection influences the first, the second and the last card.

  • What the positions of the reading tell you
  • 1. Daily trend/ motto

  • Under which star will this day be? The selected zodiac sign affects this answer.
  • 2. Influence of my destiny

  • What is in me and may flower out, soon? The ruler planet of the chosen sign has an impact on this answer.
  • 3. Influence of other people

  • How other people affect my day. This is about their ideas, feelings or wishes - and beyond the own control.
  • 4. Events and actions

  • What kind of activities and experiences are supported by the cosmos? What will I tend to do?
  • 5. Thoughts and emotions

  • What may I feel and think?
  • 6. What tomorrow might bring

  • The next day and the near future.

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