Astro cartomancy with a 24 cards deck. It includes the twelve classical and the twelve Chinese zodiac signs. The astrology cards look into the future, give advice for love or deal with their own personality and its development.

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Astrology card reading

The meaning of the deck comes from the characteristics of the zodiac signs. In addition to the widespread signs from Aries to Pisces, the Chinese zodiac signs such as the Rat or the Horse are also included.

The card set is great at portraying personalities, especially since that's what the zodiac signs mainly do. But the astro cards can also describe moods, attitudes, courses of action or future developments. This makes them an excellent tool for a variety of laying patterns.

These readings can be selected:

Future Reading

Draw an astrological card and get an interpretation of the future. A forecast for the next period is made from the typical characteristics of the drawn sign..

For example, if the energetic Aries appears, it is assumed that there will be a lot of activities. If the creative goat is depicted on the card, an imaginative future is interpreted from it.

Astro Oracle

This 4 card oracle reading looks at what is yet to come. From the next days and weeks to the next years.

Relationship Oracle

Four cards explore the relationship. The own person and the partner, what separates and what binds together.

Lots of Personalities

The characteristics of the zodiac signs are particularly well suited to represent one's own as well as another personality, or even just sides of a character. Here it is mainly about how you give yourself in public, how one would like to be and how someone is in truth.

Love Astrology

This variation deals with different aspects of love life that could be desired. These are things like excitement, spring fever and changes, but also constancy or true love.

  • Astrocards - interpretations
  • Aries
  • An active time is on the horizon. Ambitious goals are pursued relentlessly. The focus is on yourself and your needs.
  • Taurus
  • The pursuit of security takes on a high priority in the near future. It is about emotional, but above all about material security.
  • Gemini
  • In the near future, creativity and wordiness are in demand. The increase in knowledge and experience is also gaining importance.
  • Cancer
  • An emotional time is coming. Helping others and keeping things safe will play an important role in the near future.
  • Leo
  • A vigorous period of personal fulfillment and self-expression lies ahead. The striving for power and recognition takes on great importance.
  • Virgo
  • A busy time seems to be ahead. Practical progress and enhancing professional competence are in the focus of thought and action.
  • Libra
  • A well balanced time is waiting. The focus lies on the partnership, people and the reputation in the society.
  • Scorpio
  • In the near future, wishes and desires will probably play an important role. Ambition and strength support the achievement of desired goals.
  • Sagittarius
  • In future, personal freedom and personal values will require more attention. However, the interests of others will also be given considerable respect.
  • Capricorn
  • A busy time is waiting. The focus is on what can be done. There are things to plan and to realize. For this, rules have to be established and followed.
  • Aquarius
  • A creative and also communicative time lies ahead. Relationships and spending time with friends or family take on an important role.
  • Pisces
  • A rather passive time seems to be in store. In the near future, other people or society's concepts often serve as an example.
  • Rat
  • A time full of serenity and lightness is probably ahead. Of particular importance is the freedom to do what you want to do.
  • Ox
  • The next time is likely to be smooth and quiet. No major surprises should probably be expected. You persistently pursue your goals and do not allow yourself to be distracted.
  • Tiger
  • In the near future, you will probably be able to assert yourself well and get your way many times. One is rather more willing to take a risk than usual.
  • Rabbit
  • A harmonious time seems to be ahead. There is happiness and contentment. Other people are met with a peaceful and tolerant attitude.
  • Dragon
  • In the coming period, a lot of energy should be available for a wide range of activities. Actions and statements often come from spontaneous impulses.
  • Snake
  • In the upcoming time, good observation skills and a sharp mind can be expected. You pay attention to every detail.
  • Horse
  • In the future, self-confidence and drive can be expected. Likewise, a need for harmony may exist. The goodwill of other people becomes essential.
  • Goat
  • The future is characterized by a flourishing imagination and good ideas. Matters relating to money and career also come into focus.
  • Monkey
  • A varied and versatile time is waiting. One is flexible and can adapt to changes. Decisions are often made by gut feeling.
  • Rooster
  • In the near future, goals are pursued with great drive. You may be proud of what you have achieved and would like to show this to your social environment as well.
  • Dog
  • In the near future, values like loyalty and order play an important role. You may be able to remember things well and use your intellect for your benefit.
  • Pig
  • The near future is characterized by a desire for fun and enjoyable moments. But also obligations will most likely not be forgotten.

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