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A world of fairytales and fantasy is waiting for discovery. The Chimericards open a door to another dimension full of elves, fays, unicorns and angels.

However, like the real world this sphere also has its shady sides. Witches send their curses with the help of dark rituals. Some of the residents use black magic, fight and steal. And not everything is what it looks like. This is one reason, why the cards offer themselves for divination and the foreseeing of the future. Of course their interpretations are not only relevant for dream worlds. Their focus lies mainly on real life in our realm.

What do the cards want to say to me?

The reading here shows the meaning of the cards in headwords. They can bring inspiration, ideas and answers to all kinds of questions. They can be used as a daily card, for example, or gives inputs for current decisions. However, there are more readings with this deck in the Psychic Crystal Ball - and they concentrate on special areas like love or the pure glimpse into the future.

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