Dreamancy Title

Dream interpretation meets card reading. Draw a dream card and get a divination for the future.
Please touch the cards to start the reading.


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Dreams occasionally foretell the upcoming time. And so do cards. The symbols in this deck are all interpreted like epiphanies in dreams. Their deeper meanings help glimpsing at the future.

  • Interpretations - Dreamancy
  • Apple
  • Passionate moments are waiting in the future. However, there also might be a little chaos and loss of control..
  • Ax
  • Important goals may to be reached with work and efforts. However, negative thoughts can be a problem.
  • Well
  • Relationships may reach a new level and get stronger. Nevertheless, some feelings might just be an illusion.
  • Clown
  • Fun and a friendly atmosphere should wait in the future. However, there might also be fears and a loss of prestige.
  • Diamonds
  • Wealth and an increase of social status may wait in the future. But hubris and arrogance might be counterproductive.
  • Torch
  • A new beginning is awaiting. There may come up new ideas. However, the outcome is uncertain.
  • Woman
  • Life seems to be harmonious and balanced in the future. Though one should not overestimate the opinion of other people.
  • Money
  • Materialistic wishes may come true. There should still be some caution against excessive risks or.
  • Gift
  • Desires for affection and recognition may get fulfilled in future. However, there might come up some surprises.
  • Gondola
  • Romance is waiting in the future. The entire life might turn into a love story. However, a happy ending is never certain.
  • Witch
  • Exciting adventures and happy moments are waiting in the future. However, there may also be internal confusion.
  • Candle
  • Lucky coincidences seem to occur in the next time. However, one should not count that this lasts forever.
  • Child
  • New beginnings and different perspectives wait in the future. However, one might need better skills to realize aims.
  • Compass
  • New possibilities may come up in future. However, there is always a chance that there will be detours.
  • Moon
  • A harmonic and relaxed time is in store. However, there also might be confusion and deceptive illusions.
  • Fog
  • Insecurity and unreason might wait in the future. However, a sharp mind and a good planing may help.
  • Pipe
  • One may enjoy the coziness and the comfort of the own home in future. However, also laziness and listlessness might come up.
  • Rose
  • Strong feelings and even pure love may wait in the future. However, nothing should be forced.
  • Scissors
  • In future one can count on a sharp intellect. The personal capabilities may increase and concentration should be easy.
  • Key
  • Secrets may play a certain role, in the next time. A secure handling of personal information should be mandatory.
  • Sword
  • Freedom and self-realization should have priority, soon. However, this also means responsibility. Advanced capabilities can be helpful.
  • Shooting Star
  • A wish will come true in the near future. Thus it is important, not to wish for the wrong things.
  • Grapes
  • In the next time, the mood should be cheerful and bright. Although envy and jealousy might spoil the positive spirit.
  • Vampire
  • New strengths are about to be discovered. If they are used well, they can be of great benefit.