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Card Reading

Dream interpretation meets card reading and tarot. Each of the cards in the deck shows symbols or events that people dream of.

People who experience something in their sleep often deal with things that also play a role in everyday life. And that can be interpreted for many areas of life. It can be about love, money, career, self-realization, personal hopes or aims.

About the interpretation of dreams

A dream focuses on events in the past or the present. But it can also look into the future and foresee something that still lies ahead. For example, the presence of transportation vehicles indicates progress and reaching a certain point. Maybe the dream is just about a desire or even a fear. But it can also be something that awaits us in future and that occurs under certain circumstances.

How to understand the dream cards

In the reading here you can draw either one card or two. The first possibility shows an explanation under the displayed card. In key points, from a general point of view, for love and prosperity. This also offers the second option, only that you get an additional divination here. The first card shows something rather desirable, while the second one explains how this can be achieved. If you scroll further down, both results will be explained in detail.

The meanings of the cards are based on profound interpretations of the dream images illustrated. The reading here, especially the second option, can also be seen as a kind of oracle game that creates possible events in the future. This can serve self-reflection, but it can also only entertain. How the cards are played is of course up to the user.

Here are a few examples of possible divinations (second option):

In future you can put a burden behind you, if you recognize helpful advice and take it into account adequately.

One day you can benefit from change, when your faith is strong and you hold on to your purpose.

Sooner or later you can convince other people with your appearance, if you are open for new contacts and exciting experiences.

Sometimes in the future a hope may become reality, if you are open to other people and pay attention to fine details.

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