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Wonderful Lovedream Title

Card Reading

Dream of love and draw the cards. Choose between a short dream of two and a long dream of six cards. After a divination of the future there follows a more detailed explanation of every card.

Interpretations for love

In this spread, the cards focus their attention entirely on love life. Their messages come from the interpretation of dreams. This knowledge field tries to explain the different nightly experiences. It helps to draw conclusions and perhaps predict the future.

The occurrences can often be quickly interpreted. Thus a Christmas tree points to a peaceful time in which romantic wishes come true. Flowers stand for spring feelings and a fresh affection. A wedding recognizes a deepening of partnerships and a stronger bond. A rendezvous promises a heartbeat and exciting experiences.

But love dreams do not always reveal the obvious. Of course, a fling can express the fear of being cheated. However, it could also indicate, that the relationship may be saved by the help of an outside person.

Anyway, psychological details can be left out of the equation for now. The interpretations appear as soon as the cards are all drawn. If you scroll further down, you can then explore the individual dream images with more detail.

Examples for dreams of love:

In future you will get help with a decision of the heart, if you are willing to broaden your horizons and gain new impressions.

In the next time you can avoid conflicts and settle disagreements, if you are able to connect permanently with a beloved person.

One day the most romantic dreams can come true, if your affection is sincere and pure.

In the future you can benefit from a strong self-confidence in your love life, if you feel emotionally secure and know your value.

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