Draw oracle cards from a world of fairies. As a daily card, for love, money and the fulfillment of wishes using fairy spells.

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Fairyland Cards Title

Card Reading
Fairy Cards

Travel to a fantastic world with a card oracle. Draw fairy cards and get advice or wisdoms for real life.

Five readings for endless wishes:

Daily card

Gives inspiration. Provides ideas. Answers various questions. Gives a glimpse of the near future. Draw a fairy card for the day.

Three Wishes Free

Three fairies fulfill something one wants to have. But not each of them can accomplish everything.

The decisive factor is which one you have drawn.

Fairy Oracle

Visit the mysterious oracle of fairies and discover some interesting things.

1. a secret

Something from the past or the present, which is not known. Perhaps it was not told. Maybe it's something you can't know, but you should.

2. my future

Here could appear a prediction for the next time or a prophecy for the long ter

3. good advice

The advice is especially aimed at how to deal with the information from the two cards before and how to benefit from them. But it can also be understood in general for the life situation.

Money Spell

The actions, attitudes, and sorcery that support my material success, career, or even my desire for effortless income.

1. This boosts my professional goals

This way, I support my career, increase my standing in the job or successfully complete tasks.

2. That brings me money

This way, money might be played into my hands. It can be earned or won, inherited or gifted. The card shows actions or attitudes that may lead to revenue in some way.

3. This makes me rich in the long run

So I can build assets for the long term or work on a plan that will give me sustainable wealth in a shorter period of time.

Trails in the Forest

A card reading helps with decisions between two options. What happens when I choose A or B?

1. go left

This is the first way.

2. stand still

It's not meant to be, but usually no one can stop you from doing it anyway. This card shows the consequences of doing nothing at all, dodging a decision, playing for time, and all the other tactics that give breathing room for not having to commit.

2. go right

This is the second way.

From other realms

Just about everyone agrees that elves, fairies, or gnomes, for example, are fairy tale creatures that do not exist in our spatial reality. And very probably they are right. If there were not these rumors, legends and myths ...

Supposedly, fantasy creatures appeared more openly a very long time ago and had less fear of contact with people. But over time there was a retreat into the depths of the forests. The wild nature offered protection from prying eyes or attacks - and perhaps still does today.

But no matter whether these life forms exist in our dimension, only in subtle spirit worlds or exclusively in our imagination. As fairy tale characters they are a part of us. They express wishes and hopes, but also fears and the otherworldly, which we cannot completely comprehend. They are a reflection from the depths of consciousness. A wisdom is associated with them that our modern culture has meanwhile forgotten and can at most still be found in legends - or in esoteric writings, for example.

By reading the cards one comes closer to these fairy-tale ideas. And perhaps even wish magic or truth spells can be effected. At least if you firmly believe in it.

Fairy cards structure

The 32-piece deck tries to depict our entire nature. This means the material world as well as the astral, the planet Earth as well as other celestial bodies in our solar system.

  • Interpretations - Fairyland Cards
  • Four Seasons
  • Fairy of Spring
  • new beginning
  • verdancy
  • enthusiasm and amorousness
  • ... of Summer
  • summit
  • fun and joy
  • using all possibilities
  • ... of Autumn
  • melancholy
  • maturation and experience
  • well-grounded
  • ... of Winter
  • something ends
  • excel yourself
  • inner purification
  • Earth
  • ... of Richness
  • precious possession
  • material abundance
  • power of gold
  • ... of Salvation
  • rescue from dangers
  • making a sacrifice
  • saving from poverty
  • Water
  • ... of Love
  • deep feelings
  • attraction and affection
  • relationship
  • ... of Growth
  • creation
  • magic of nature
  • increase
  • Fire
  • ... of Exaltation
  • motivation
  • joie de vivre
  • feeling confident
  • ... of Allurement
  • passion
  • persuasion and bewitching
  • forbidden doors
  • Air
  • ... of Knowledge
  • reason and understanding
  • necessary skills
  • exploring something
  • ... of Liberty
  • relief and freedom
  • do, whatever you want
  • feeling footloose
  • Ether
  • ... of the Afterworld
  • otherness
  • unseen dimensions
  • traveling with your mind
  • ... of Fantasy
  • creativity
  • secret wishes
  • bright imagination
  • Magic
  • ... of Magic
  • practicing magic
  • achieving the impossible
  • tremendous power
  • ... of Wishes
  • gift
  • desire gets real
  • wish fulfillment
  • Mars
  • Fairy of Conquest
  • fight and dispute
  • something gets forced
  • reaching targets
  • Venus
  • ... of Beauty
  • tactfulness
  • stile and charm
  • harmony
  • Mercury
  • ... of Curiosity
  • novelty
  • riddles und secrets
  • seeking for the special
  • Moon
  • ... of Dreams
  • exploring oneself
  • discovering dream worlds
  • invalidating natural laws
  • Sun
  • ... of Vigor
  • inner energy
  • quiet and recreation
  • ready to take on anything
  • Pluto
  • ... of Witchcraft
  • rare talents
  • deception and disorientation
  • smart maneuver
  • Jupiter
  • ... of Happiness
  • positive mood
  • trust and confidence
  • feeling lucky
  • Saturn
  • ... of Reality
  • material obstacles
  • down to earth
  • objectivity and realness
  • Uranus
  • ... of Change
  • inner transformation
  • changing the world
  • evolvement and ascension
  • Neptune
  • ... of Illusions
  • daydreams
  • expand horizon
  • chasing a ghost
  • Planet Earth
  • ... of Present
  • mindfulness
  • here and now
  • solutions
  • Stars
  • ... of Future
  • novelty
  • divination
  • fulfilling a purpose
  • Mind
  • ... of Awareness
  • perception
  • inner accretion
  • illumination
  • ... of Power
  • volition
  • egoism and vanity
  • controlling the world
  • Universe
  • ... of Finiteness
  • tininess
  • attention to detail
  • natural boundaries
  • ... of Eternity
  • infinity
  • endless life
  • universe

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