The fairy cards of the Psychic Crystal Ball are drawn only for love. They help fulfill romantic wishes, perform fairy love spells or look into the future.

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Love Fairy Title

Card Reading
The Love Fairy

Fairies have always been strongly associated with romantic affairs. When they fulfill wishes, it is quite sometimes about a person who is wholeheartedly desired and whose affection should be won. Other times it is to save a good relationship with a partner or to prevent a threat to the marriage. Of course, fairies also fulfill other wishes. But love is at the top of their list.

Several readings here give inspiration or answer questions for the entire love life.

Glance into the future

Draw a card and get a divination for love. It is mainly for the next time, from today until the next few weeks, maybe longer.


„The spring fairy enchants your heart. Spring fever and fresh amorousness could arise soon. Then you have butterflies in your stomach and only your partner in your mind.“

„A fairy sharpens your sense of truth. In the future, no one can fool you so easy. You recognize how relationship problems can be solved or where opportunities for love exist.“

Love Charm

For each drawn card appear rhymes or sayings that have something bewitching. One may think that they cast little spells whose goal is to make the heart happy with the help of magic. For each fairy card there is a special magic formula.


„A love fairy makes your heart beat faster, makes it bounce higher and makes you sing for no reason.“

„A fairy bewitches the human senses with love. She helps you to win the favor of your crush.“

Three Love Wishes

Draw three cards, one for each wish. They reveal what you can do for its fulfillment.

Relationship Magic

1. This fairy spell works in the relationship right now and influences it. It is somehow noticeable, through events or in the overall mood.

2. With this magic trick you will look more attractive and appealing to your partner.

3. This witchcraft can help you if you want to charm your partner's senses. For example, because he is angry about something or should be convinced to do a certain task.

4. With this magic you do something for your relationship. It aims to bring new momentum, if that is necessary, or to solve problems.

Secret Emotions

1. Feelings that everyone knows about

The entire social circle has noticed it. Or at least the people who know you well. It is probably not very difficult, because the feelings may be directed at your partner, who is known to everyone. Or perhaps it's something you've already talked about with other people. Or the whole thing is obvious for other reasons.

2. Feelings known only to me

Here the card maybe shows a secret love. It has not been talked about with anyone, or at least only with people who are silent about it themselves. It could also be a fleeting sympathy that you have for someone, or something like an irrational affection that you do not understand.

3. Feelings that only others recognize in me

The emotions expressed by this card are not obvious to oneself. Others, however, recognize them. This does not always have to be the great love. There are also emotions such as jealousy, a wounded ego or the need for freedom represented at the position of the spread. Such things in particular may well be missed.

4. Emotions unknown to all

This position represents feelings that no one has noticed yet. Probably they take place only under the surface, you have not admitted them to yourself and no one has noticed anything. It is also conceivable that the card shows feelings that do not yet exist, because they will arise in the future..

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