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Online Cartomancy Reading

Receive advice and divinations from Lenormand cards. They help with decisions, reveal secrets or prophesy the future.

All readings here use four cards. Here is an explanation of every position and its meaning.

History of Lenormand

One of the most famous psychics of history is Marie Anne Lenormand. She lived in the 19th century in Paris and it is said, that she read the cards even for Napoleon. And if he had listened to her warning, it would have spared him a big defeat.

Madame Lenormand created her personal card deck - especially for divination. Her bourgeois customers were the wealthy ladies of the Victorian Paris. They were highly interested in revealing their future with the help of spiritual methods. So this deck was directly created for the practical requirements of soothsaying and palmistry. One can say, that only the tarot is of similar popularity, when it comes to cartomancy.

In the course of time, many variations of this deck inspired the fans of fortune telling. Some are printed while others can be used only online. A bunch of them look rather

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