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Do you want to know the future? Oracles, card reading or the tarot have their source in ancient spirituality and also modern esoteric wisdom.

Do you strive for love, wealth and approval? Sometimes the thoughts circuit around clear and obvious things everybody desires. Things like money, romance or the social status. And then you can only bring limited interest in higher metaphysics or your greater purpose. What counts is, what you want and whether you will get it or not.

This Lenormand card reading foretells the upcoming time. It tries to look through the clouds of dubiety and gives a divination. Draw a card and foresee the future

  • Meanings - Glimpse into Time
  • 1 - Rider
  • Something will cause changes, very soon. You may receive a message. Or probably a visit is coming over.
  • 2 - Clover
  • A time full of happiness is about to begin. Fate seems to be on your side and you should be able to enjoy life to the fullest.
  • 3 - Ship
  • You are going to make a journey. Maybe you will relax a little or even experience some adventures. Or maybe the whole trip is only happening in your imagination.
  • 4 - House
  • In future you will need a place, where you feel completely safe and where you can retreat for a while.
  • 5 - Tree
  • Planning in long terms will be inevitable. Your inner growth and your personal development get in the focus more and more.
  • 6 - Clouds
  • It may be hard to recognize the truth, in the next time. Many things will stay in the dark.
  • 7 - Serpent
  • In future, you might get into a dodgy situation. However, if you are flexible and prepared for everything, you can benefit from that.
  • 8 - Coffin
  • Sooner or later, you have to let go from something important or even indispensable.
  • 9 - Bouquet
  • Your social skills are needed, in the upcoming time. Diplomacy and an immaculate behavior can lead you to your goals.
  • 10 - Scythe
  • You have to part with something, soon. This can be awkward or even painful, but it could also be advantageous for you.
  • 11 - Broom
  • Different opinions will collide, soon. Discussions, rivalry or disputations will probably be unavoidable.
  • 12 - Birds
  • Things will get in motion. Therefore it is important, not to lose control and keep things on the right track.
  • 13 - Child
  • Something is going to attract your attention. And maybe it will even inspire enthusiasm in you.
  • 14 - Fox
  • In future you might go astray. But artfulness and a sharp mind can help you in such situations.
  • 15 - Bear
  • Challenges are waiting for you. They will require mettle and power, but they can make you stronger.
  • 16 - Stars
  • You might manage to take a glimpse into the future - and see ways how to create your destiny. Great dreams can become true.
  • 17 - Stork
  • Something new is arising. It will suddenly play an important role. This can be an experience, a wish, an idea or maybe a special person.
  • 18 - Dog
  • You can benefit from an important friendship. But perhaps you are the person, that is supposed to support a friend.
  • 19 - Tower
  • Guidelines and standards may restrict your freedom. But probably you need some orientation, in the next time.
  • 20 - Park
  • You may increasingly care about the impression you make and what other people think.
  • 21 - Mountain
  • An obstacle is going to block your way and make every advancement difficult. Either you overcome this barrier or you find a way around.
  • 22 - Path
  • A decision is impending. And it may have an explicit impact on your whole life and your further path.
  • 23 - Mice
  • Something won't be available, soon. Maybe you lose something valuable, but you might also get rid of something unwanted.
  • 24 - Heart
  • Something is going to make your heart beat faster and enthuse you. Maybe you will even fall in love.
  • 25 - Ring
  • Something from the past is about to influence your future. This can be an agreement, a pact or maybe a promise.
  • 26 - Book
  • In the next time, knowledge and advanced skills can increase your success. You might also need important information.
  • 27 - Letter
  • It will be essential, that a clear message is sent. The right words have to be found, in this case. And they have to be understood properly.
  • 28 - Man
  • A man is going to play an important role. But maybe it is about you, your further development and your goals.
  • 29 - Lady
  • A woman is about to play an important role. And also your skill, to get along well with people, might be needed in the next time.
  • 30 - Lily
  • You will be attracted to someone, sooner or later. It might come to romantic moods and passionate moments.
  • 31 - Sun
  • Something will give you energy and motivate you to realize your aims - or just to enjoy life as you please.
  • 32 - Moon
  • Something from the deep of your conscious is going to influence your actions and wishes. However, perhaps you will chase a pipe dream.
  • 33 - Key
  • The future has endless possibilities to offer. Anyway, it will probably be necessary to open some doors, first.
  • 34 - Fishes
  • The need for money and prosperity will play an important role. Maybe material desires come true.
  • 35 - Anchor
  • In future it might be arduous to reach your aims. But with constant work you have good chances to accomplish something.
  • 36 - Cross
  • You may have to deal with assessments and a lot of pressure. But you will arise invigorated from that task of your destiny.

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