Ad Oranum - Got questions?
Lenormand Love Title

Card Reading

Lenormand Cards give answers to the questions of the heart. They focus on various situations in love life.

This readings can be selected:

  • Path of the Heart

  • 1. Where my heart is
  • The current time, situation or person of interest.
  • 2. Where it goes
  • The direction the own feelings tend to move.
  • 3. Where it arrives
  • A place one is about to get to. This can be a person, emotional circumstances, the way of living or something comparable.
  • 4. Where it stays
  • Like the card before, but as a long term prediction.
  • Single or Partner?

  • 1. Pro: single
  • Points speaking for the single lifestyle, its freedom and its manifold possibilities.
  • 2. Pro: partner
  • Reasons for a stable relationship and a partner.
  • 3. This fosters single lifestyle
  • Attitudes, actions and ways of thinking, supporting an unattached life.
  • 4. This fosters relationship
  • Stances and habits leading in the arms of a loving partner.
  • Back with the Ex?

  • 1. This speaks for it
  • Why it might be worth to give it a shot.
  • 2. This speaks against it
  • Why one should keep the hands of the former partner.
  • 3. How it may work
  • Ways how the refreshed relation could work. Or in other cases, how one may win the affection of the ex back, if he or she is not sure about the new try.
  • 4. Future with the ex
  • Where getting together again leads us.
  • Future of the Relationship

  • 1. Me
  • My role, hopes, dreams, duties and aims. Or me as a person.
  • 2 My partner
  • Like the card before.
  • 3. The next time
  • What is probably in the spotlight, soon.
  • 4. Our future
  • The long-term development of both, as a couple. Maybe in some few cases just one destiny is shown.

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