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Card Reading

Cartomancy and divination always had a focus on wealth and success. They illustrate possibilities with the help of destiny. The ideas and thoughts the interpretation of the cards may inspire, can foster professional progress and financial success. The cards help finding solutions for decisions, or they simply take a glimpse at the upcoming time by testing fate.

This readings can be selected:

  • Way to Success

  • 1. What I want
  • Your wish or aim.
  • 2. This supports it
  • What can help you reaching it.
  • 3. This works against it
  • What hinders achieving it.
  • 4. How I can reach it
  • A way your wish may come true.
  • Substantial Decision

  • 1. Subject / situation
  • The state of affairs. Or maybe the deeper truth behind the whole setting.
  • 2. Chances / pros
  • This speaks for a certain decision.
  • 3. Risks / cons
  • This speaks against it.
  • 4. Advice
  • An additional glimpse, idea, hint or foretelling.
  • Business Chances

  • 1. Established ways
  • Obvious possibilities and established procedures.
  • 2. Options I can see
  • What is clear and reachable for me. Or something I might be successful at.
  • 3. Chances others can see
  • This seems to be more the domain of others, maybe friends, family or colleagues. The card can also point at something, I am not good at or talented for. However, it might also point at a chance in my direct environment.
  • 4. Hidden developments
  • Unknown chances off the beaten track.
  • Future Gains

  • 1. Everybody wins from that
  • Something that may bring me income and is more or less in the interest of everybody - or all involved persons.
  • 2. Brings gains for me
  • This is especially in my interest. It might even be something at the expenses of others.
  • 3. Brings benefits to others
  • It does not mean, that this action or work goes on my expenses, somehow. But it can probably be that way. However, perhaps it is still a good deal for me, as well.
  • 4. Nobody profits from that
  • This kind of business might turn out to be a bad idea. Especially if someone is longing for money and success. But maybe it is advantageous in other ways or out of a long-term perspective.

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