Witchcards meanings

The meaning of all 34 witch cards, put together in key point interpretations. In addition, the history of each particular witch is briefly told, what qualities and background she has, or what her love life is like.

On the Psychic Crystal Ball, the witch cards can be consulted online. More information about the structure of the deck and how the Enneagram and the seven yoga elements are reflected in it can also be found here.

Topics such as relationships and the search for the right partner view the love witches in special spreads.

1. Maria Prophetissa - The Sibyl

Sibyl - Witchcard 1
  • prophecy
  • judgement
  • seeking advice
  • discernible truths

Maria Prophetissa foretells upcoming incidents and developments. Her clairvoyant senses usually focus on the great milestones and challenges that still are waiting on the path of life.

Usually the prophetess is asked for divinations about love. She can still remember what love is and how it feels. But there is not much romance left in her life anymore. For this she floats in far too mystical spheres. Instead, she stands by others as a medium and advises them.


2. Hortatoria - The Admonisher

Admonisher - Witchcard 2
  • warning
  • hesitation and consideration
  • cautious behaviour
  • slowdown and prevention

Hortatoria is a critic and investigator. She wants decisions to be well considered. She has a distinct sense for dangers. She can also detect misconduct. In such cases, she sees it as her duty to inform all affected parties.

When it comes to love, Hortatoria is more than careful. She has been betrayed several times in her life and not so easy to fool anymore. That is why she is very careful not to make the wrong choices. With her experience and her strict judgement she supports others as well.


3. Litigara - The Quarreler

Quarreler - Witchcard 3



    negative atmosphere

    hurtful words

Litigara is deceitful and argumentative. She senses the conflict and escalates into it. She takes every little thing personally. At the same time she speaks unbelievably malicious words, which are meant to hurt consciously and have the same effect as small curses.

Their relationships are affected by arguments and jealousy. It is like she is haunted. Her partners are always the object of desire, and enjoy it on top of it. Of course, that her rivals throw themselves on her partner, is meant as an affront against her. Everyone knows she cannot ignore such a gauntlet. However, anyone who declares war on her will regret it deeply.


4. Medica - The Healer

Healer - Witchcard 4


    benevolent attitude

    problem gets solved

    obtain support

Medica is a healer. She knows the human body and all possible practices to cure it from diseases and injuries. She wants to alleviate the suffering on earth. For this she uses science as well as her magical powers.

She does everything for the health of her family. She tries to avoid diseases in advance. Even at the risk of getting on her husband's nerves and her children thinking she is too strict. But she cannot tolerate wrong nutrition, contamination and other forms of carelessness. She sees every day what this can do and feels called to fight against it.


5. Materna Venefica - The Witch Mother

Witch Mother - Witchcard 5



    new life

    patience and trust

Materna Venefica protects and cares for all those she is responsible for. She knows what is best for them. And that they sometimes make mistakes because they still have a lot to learn. This is why she is always willing to forgive.

Her husband feels safe and free with her. Probably also because she lets him get away with a lot. The children come first for her anyway. They still need much guidance. Although she can never really be angry with them, she sometimes has to pretend, so that they learn from their mistakes.


6. Noverca - The Stepmother

Stepmother - Witchcard 6



    unavoidable misfortunes

    hardships and impositions

Noverca takes the role of a person, who is no longer there because of an unfortunate incident. She makes a sacrifice and demands appreciation. The child has to accept, that it no longer gets the same priority as before. She has rights as well.

The ghost of his departed wife is omnipresent, a myth with which she cannot compete. But her territory is reality. She is not a fantasy, she is physically present. She looks after his offspring and the household. It is time to get them out of their castles in the air and show them, that there is more to life than just happiness and pipe dreams.


7. Patriarcha - The Rich

Rich - Witchcard 7


    material success

    outstanding ability

    property and assets

Patriarcha is rich and successful. She owes this only partially to magic, which she still uses. She knows how to create things of value and make profits, which ensures her a leading position in society.

She knows her husband since her college days. They founded the fundament of their company together, which she now runs on her own. He is needed in his family financial group. They don't have much free time together, so it should be spent as consciously and romantically as possible. Most of all she enjoys their relaxing walks on her country estate or in the city park.


8. Mercatura - The Merchant

Merchant - Witchcard 8

    wish and reality

    come together

    walks of life

    secular destiny

Mercatura operates on the markets of this world. If a deal is possible, she notices it. She understands her customers and knows exactly what they really want. This is why she can always offer them a good deal.

She sees love life as a market where there are desirable goods and where you have to offer enough, if you want something. Mercatura is aware of her value and has high expectations of her partner. She has not yet fully committed herself. This would probably lead to a fall in value, because such a step is a decision against all the other options she has.


9. Fraudulenta - The Thief

Thief - Witchcard 9


    fear of scarcity

    reckless greed

    take what you want

Fraudulenta knows what it is like to be poor and never wants to experience this again. Since many paths are closed to her, she takes what she wants by detours. Even if it belongs to others. But they usually need it less urgently than she does.

In her private life, she does not want to take anything away from anyone. As a hopeless romantic, she wants to be the desired jewel whose heart is stolen by someone at great risk, and then belongs to him forever. But this eternity usually lasts only a very short time, in her environment. Even if there is promise to love each other until the end of time, every embrace could be the last.


10. Artifexia - The Artiste

Artiste - Witchcard 10


    achieve greatness

    express emotions

    creativity and inspiration

Artifexia literally practices the art of witchcraft. Her genius comes from magical powers. She needs the creative activity to realize herself in her life and to give the world an idea of the wonders hidden in human consciousness.

What she feels, she expresses in her creative works. She also sees love as an art in which it is important to find the right balance. She would like to experience all the romantic dreams - and achieve something like emotional completion. To achieve this, she breaks new ground, free of social constraints, and chooses unusual ways of life with individual personalities who want something similar.


11. Veneforma - The Belle

Belle - Witchcard 11


    good taste

    fashion and style

    impact on others

Veneforma has an eye for shape and color. She recognizes the beauty in every person and helps to bring it out. She sets a good example. With the interior, the matching clothes, the flawless skin and the perfectly fitting hair.

Her fiance doesn't look like a model, she wouldn't want that. But he has a fine taste and a distinctive face. He notices and appreciates all the small things that turn the ordinary into something special. When he enters a room with his charisma, one gets the impression that he ennobles this place by his appearance. She knows that she is beautiful and desirable, and would never be satisfied with anything less than him.


12. Maerea - The Bereaved

Bereaved - Witchcard 11


    dark mood

    clinging to pain

    lessons of destiny

Maerea is very sensitive and receptive. Since her heart was injured, it could not heal. So a feeling of sadness became her constant companion, with which she remains inseparably bound.

Fate treated her unkindly. Her heart was broken, and when she had found love again, it was taken from her by an unfortunate event. Their time together was so short that they had not even managed to get married. Nevertheless she feels like a widow and will probably remain it forever. To fall in love again feels like a betrayal. Only in the dark and in the silence, when she is alone with her grief, a derivation of joy comes up.


13. Sapientia - The Mahatma

Mahatma - Witchcard 13

    knowing secrets

    observing and learning

    find solutions

    life experience

Sapientia is often asked for advice. She knows a lot because she has learned and experienced many things. When she evaluates something or searches for an answer, she always listens to her intuition. It always shows her the right way.

There is no such thing as a perfect love life. She learned that from her marriage and from her friends' relationships. They often ask her for her opinion. She knows life and love, from conversations, her own experiences and last but not least, because she has read and studied a lot. But when she looks at her situation, she doubts her so-called wisdom. Mistakes are much easier to spot in others than in oneself. But perhaps it is this insight that makes her advice so valuable.


14. Erudita Occulta - The Hermetic Intellectual

Hermetic Intellectual - Witchcard 14

    new perceptions

    higher truth

    esoteric secrets

    hidden associations

Erudita Occulta was born into the world of secret societies, and had early instruction in esoteric theories. She is able to control her thoughts and feelings, as well as to understand and explain spiritual processes.

She regards love as something spiritual and universal, which does not necessarily have anything to do with romance. Love is for her a source of magic. The hours with her partner are more than just pleasure. She wants to unite energetically and experience something like a Chymical Wedding, which can give her permanent illumination. So far, at least, she has not yet succeeded in doing so irrefutably. Since her husband has the same interests, they can talk openly about this goal and work together on it.


15. Eremita - The Hermit

Hermit - Witchcard 15

    retreat and distance

    personal characteristics

    relaxation and meditation

    focus on oneself

Eremitas greatest happiness lies in the silence. She seeks seclusion to reflect and meditate in peace. Now she can focus all her energy on her inner growth. Until she finally returns to the world to share her insights with others.

After she decided to move to the faraway forest of a mountain range, she was cut off from other people. The love in her own heart had to be enough. And this is what she found in solitude. But she realizes, that there is someone who misses her. So she will not remain a hermit forever.


16. Victricia - The Conqueror

Conqueror - Witchcard 16


    determine fate

    gain favor

    fight for dominance

Victricia is more of a warrior than a witch. She uses her magic mainly in battle. Her main purpose is to increase her power. If she has set herself a goal, she will do everything to achieve it, and will probably be successful in doing so.

Since Victricia is a conqueror, she wishes nothing more than her heart gets conquered as well. No one has ever achieved that before, except her husband for a brief time. At least he is stronger in another area. He has enough wealth to finance her crusades, and he has a powerful army, which she now leads. He has given her what she wants, for which she is more than grateful. She would never betray him. But he hasn't won her heart entirely.


17. Ministra - The Coadjutor

Coadjutor - Witchcard 17


    perform duties

    keep your word


Ministra is dedicated and conscientious. She fulfils her tasks to the fullest satisfaction and uses all her skills. She always keeps her promises. Whoever works with her, does not want to do without her anymore.

Her strength lies in supporting others on their path. She looks up to her master and has dedicated herself completely to him and his goals. She has studied his area of expertise profoundly. She has always loved him. At some point he confessed to feel the same. When he finally got down on his knees in front of her and asked for her hand, something came true that she would never have dared to dream of.


18. Ancilla - The Servant

Servant - Witchcard 18


    humility and fear

    unequal relationship

    put own interests aside

Anncilla is scared. Of life, but most of all of her hidden powers she cannot control. This is why she needs a stronger person to guide her and tell her what to do, so she can feel safe and protected from herself.

He knows all her inner processes and reads in her as in an open book. Outwardly she is nothing else but his maid. She takes care of the household and supervises the other staff. But basically they live together like husband and wife, only that they are not married. She has to explain herself for everything and is afraid to miss even one misfolded serviette. As soon as thoughts or feelings come up that displease him, he senses them. Still, there are happy moments, and life without him would be worse.


19. Destina - The Destined

Destined - Witchcard 19

    being special

    friendly behaviour

    optimism and serenity

    high demands

Destina is meant for greater things. She feels that, and others feel that too. She has always been given preferential treatment. The pressure to fulfill this destiny is quite intense. But she's confident that everything will fall into place.

He was just there, not even properly introduced to her. It was clear from the beginning that they were meant for each other. Soon they were a newly married couple, living in a noble town house, leading a harmonious life with plenty of room for romantic walks or entertaining evenings. They had two children bringing them much joy. Sometimes she wonders, if all this has a price, a painful destiny they have to fulfil. But even that would probably enrich their lives in some way and not interfere.


20. Amata - The Inamorata

Inamorata - Witchcard 20


    variety and excitement

    be in love

    joie de vivre

Amata lives entirely for love. For her it is about excitement and passion, as well as deep feelings and devotion. If she uses her enchanting charm, she can get everything she believes that makes her heart happy.

When she saw him, she forgot the world around her and stumbled. This caused an apple to fall out of her bag and roll right in front of his feet. He picked it up and she offered him the apple. He took a bite. Just then they fell in love with each other. It wasn't the last time anything like that happened. Sometimes she thinks, she is secretly using her magic. However, she needs to feel like freshly fallen in love, even if it causes problems in her current relationship. But what is present and what is past decides her heart alone.


21. Vitiosa - The Vicious

Vicious - Witchcard 21

    addiction to pleasure

    dissolute lifestyle

    saturation and excess

    escape from reality

Vitiosa sees herself in the tradition of the maenads, who in honour of their god Dionysus fell into a hedonistic furiousness. But basically she is only interested in pleasures that help her filling an inner emptiness. And of which she needs more and more.

Vitiosa sees love as a playground where she can have her fun and allow everything. But actually this also applies to the world and her whole life. She sees the meaning of her existence above all in enjoying all possible pleasures - and in exciting and spectacular experiences. She loves the passion, the pulse and the excitement of a date. She wants as much of that as possible and as long as she can. No matter if one only lives once or infinitely often. She wants to enjoy every moment as if it were her last.


22. Veneaugusta - The Hecate

Hecate - Witchcard 22


    awareness for power

    emotional maturity

    guidance and direction

Veneaugusta holds the power in her hands. She would do almost anything to keep it that way. But nobody doubts her claim and she has many supporters. This is primarily because of her magical talents, but also due to her appearance and her guidance style.

Actually, she doesn't talk about it with anyone. Many years ago, someone came into her life. She felt a lot for this person, but she was fooled by her. She wanted to spy on her, to see if she was weak. The goal was to overthrow the Hecate and take power for herself. Veneaugusta did what needed to be done. On that day, not only a malicious person vanished into thin air, but also Veneaugusta's willingness to open up and trust someone.


23. Pelleregina - The Usurper

Usurper - Witchcard 23



    conflicts and rivalry

    struggle for leadership

Pelleregina reaches for power that belongs to others. Not because she has a right for it, but because she can. She is capable of winning any conflict, and it takes a lot to put her ambitious aspirations on hold.

She intended to win the trust of the king to overthrow him in a weak moment and take over his spiritual order of knights, together with his kingdom. But the closer they got, the stronger her feelings for him became. This made her grab for power a halfhearted venture, which of course failed. Despite his love for her, the king couldn't let this stand. So Pelleregina was banished into exile, an astral sphere from which there is no return. And where she has to get along with devious demons.


24. Regina Scelestias - The Don

Don - Witchcard 24


    break the rules


    lying and cheating

Regina Scelestia's power comes from forbidden paths. She invokes old traditions and the law of the strongest. Her success also results from a high number of subordinates, which she leads with a hard hand and a good organization.

If there is such a thing as nobility in the underworld, then she belongs to the oldest families of this aristocracy. However, conflicts have ensured that she is also the very last. Marriage to the heir of a related clan was supposed to secure her position. But this arranged marriage soon turned into something more. She found that she truly loved him. She just never got the chance to tell him. He wanted to take care of something personally, but never came back. This completely awakened her witch powers, what allowed her to restore the balance of power.


25. Legata - The Emissary

Emissary - Witchcard 25


    approach each other

    reconciliation and peace

    find common interests

Legata creates peace in a bewitched way. She brings quarreled or hostile parties together and helps them to settle their differences. She shows the advantages of a reconciliation of the conflict and points out common interests.

The Order of Witches needs partners. Legata is always sent when diplomacy and negotiation skills are needed. So she often met with a master of the Order of Mages. The professional work soon turned into a secret affair. When it came out, some people were bothered and sensed corruption. In order not to damage the reputation of their orders, they had to end their relationship. In the process, they both realized how much they needed each other. Since then, they have been searching for a way to publicly appear as a couple in the near future.


26. Obsequensia - The Follower

Follower - Witchcard 26


    varying views

    adapt oneself to others

    applying attitudes

Obsequensia sees herself as part of a group. It determines her personality and gives her self-confidence. She does not want to stand out or lead, she just wants to be part of it and act in unity with the others.

Her allegiance to the witches comes before love. That doesn't mean it is incompatible. Many of her sisters live in partnerships and some even have children. They are at least as important to them as the order. She has met someone too. An adept, from whom she doesn't have to hide the fact that she is a witch. He supports her in all her aims. And he accepts that their relationship doesn't have the highest priority because he has a life and plans of his own.


27. Venefuria - The Zealot

Zealot - Witchcard 27


    dismissive attitude


    unwillingness to communicate

Venefuria stands by her convictions. She believes strongly in seeing things clearly. It makes her angry that there are so many ignorant people who don't care about the truth. She eagerly encourages them to exchange opinions and also gets really loud when she thinks that they don't listen to her.

Every love that arises in her is immediately consumed by a blazing anger. The world is shattered, there is no room for romance. Although there is someone, but actually he is also irrelevant. She can't explain it to herself, why she still sees him at all. He says that he likes it when a woman is a little bit insane. For this reason alone she should break up with him for good. But whenever she intends to do so, the exact opposite happens, and they get even closer.


28. Veneterra - The Earth Witch

Earth Witch - Witchcard 28




    useful solution

Veneterra does not need much personal possessions to be happy. She owns the forests and mountains. She roams through the untouched nature of the most solitary areas and absorbs their power. This is where the source of her magic lies, and with every trail, she becomes stronger and more powerful.

She doesn't open up to someone very often. She usually finds people in the wilderness too weird. But fate has led her to a special person who also has magical powers. They took refuge in the same cave. From then on, the world was theirs. Far and wide they were the only humans. They built a house by the lake and their estate stretched over the entire territory. But one day, her great love moved back to the African Kalahari to live there as a hermit, again.


29. Veneaqua - The Water Witch

Water Witch - Witchcard 29




    enjoyment and delight

Veneaqua is able to spend eternities under water thanks to her magic. She enjoys floating across the depths of the oceans. She is able to communicate with many sea creatures. From them she learns secrets beyond the human imagination.

She usually finds love in her dreams when she floats through the waters of this planet. In dreams anything can happen. Passion, affection, romance, and at any time a surprising turn of the story is possible. Then events happen that would be unthinkable in real life. And which seem even more fascinating because she usually only realizes, that everything was a dream, when she wakes up again. Surrounded by pleasant water she thinks about what she has just experienced, and shortly afterwards sinks back into the next sleep.


30. Veneignis - The Fire Witch

Fire Witch - Witchcard 30



    rage and vengeance

    remarkable personality

An inner fire flows in Veneignis. This gives her drive and energy. Sometimes she has the feeling that she can conquer the whole world. When she has a goal, she usually reaches it. Her sense of success is so strong that she only takes on those battles she can win.

Once love is involved, she does not behave as controlled as usual. Too often, she lets herself get carried away with her passion. This can lead to romantic experiences, but also to complications. She quickly claims ownership and becomes jealous, then she expresses suspicions and she gets into every relationship quarrel. But her partners usually overlook these mistakes. Probably this fire in her makes her irresistible.


31. Venefica Aeria - The Air Witch

Air Witch - Witchcard 31



    sharp mind

    education and science

Venefica Aeria lives in a world of theories. The library of the Order of Witches is supervised by her. There she spends the whole day. When she is not busy with administration, she holds a book in her hand. She wants to read as many of them as possible.

When she reads a romance novel, her heart goes wild. For a short time, it is almost as if she is reliving the whole story. Basically, she wants a real relationship. But she also needs her freedom. And last but not least, the witches' library has been her responsibility for quite some time now. She certainly doesn't have much time for a partner anyway. Besides, there are not too many men where she lives, which severely limits her options. But maybe one day she will fall in love again. Until then, she still has her her books.


32. Venefica Astral - The Etheric Witch

Etheric Witch - Witchcard 32


    worlds beyond

    transcend borders

    subtle perception

Venefica Astral lives in several worlds. She is able to enter other dimensions in her ethereal body. There she comes into contact with demons, deities and other inhabitants of the astral world. These journeys have expanded her consciousness and changed her understanding of the universe. Only a few know about her adventures.

Her great love is not of this world. At least not from our earthly sphere. They meet in a space where there is only ethereal matter. In order to reach it she must leave her mortal body and travel in astral form. He is very powerful and she thinks that he has not told her everything about himself. Sometimes he calls her to him. Then she becomes obsessed with him and nothing can stop her. But every time she returns. Her destiny still lies here on earth. It has to be fulfilled until the end.


33. Venefica Spiritus - The Transcendental Witch

Transcendental Witch - Witchcard 33


    letting go


    spiritual awareness

Venefica Spiritus greatest joy is meditation. She can concentrate on something for a long time or simply think of nothing at all. As a result of these abilities her magical powers came to light at some point. They brought her to the Order of Witches, in whose academy she has been teaching mental self-control ever since.

He is also a professor. Unfortunately, affairs between colleagues are not appreciated. This game of concealment involved the use of elaborate magic. They had to hide their love from witches and magicians, who are partially clairvoyant and sometimes look into a predicting crystal ball. Ultimately there was only one solution, one with long-term consequences. He publicly asked for her hand in marriage and she said yes, of course. Since then they can be together without worries.


34. Venefica Illuminata - The Illuminated One

Illuminated One - Witchcard 34



    true power

    high energy reserves

Venefica Illuminata is the spiritual head of the Order of Witches. She perceives the world from an enhanced perspective and has access to all knowledge ever collected. From a secret location she supports the work of the order. But mainly she tries to direct the development of the whole world.

It is almost impossible for her to find a partner. Too different would be their level of energy. He would need to have reached a high level of enlightenment, just like she did. And she is at war with the only other person who could match with her. That would be a good reason to make peace. Only it would fulfil a prophecy and bring a new age to this world. Something like the Eye of Shiva would open and destroy all old things. This might lead to the end of mankind. They are neither willing to take that risk. The reason for this eternal conflict is probably to prevent the apocalypse.