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Receive an interpretation of the future and all kinds of advice. Free online fortune telling in the Psychic Crystal Ball with various divination tools.

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Curiosity about the future lies in the nature of people. Likewise, the hidden secrets of the present are of similar interest. For thousands of years and longer, attempts have been made to use ritual and spiritual methods to obtain answers that the mind alone cannot provide. Pendulums, crystal balls and other divinatory methods offer solutions as well as intuition, paranormal abilities or simply the subconscious.

The Psychic Crystal Ball offers a wide range of divination games, serious advice as well as funny fortune telling.

Predictions of the future

In the category of divination, we can find methods that provide fortune-telling for all kinds of questions either in a traditional or innovative way.

For example, you can consult a witch board or read coffee grounds online. A clear yes or no is offered here as well as mysterious prophecies.

Sometimes the opportunity is given to literally play for the future. The reading is not based on a random drawing of lots. In such cases, playing skill is in demand. The result is taken as a kind of omen for future luck and success. The more successful you are, the more positive the predictions will be.

Nevertheless, such mantic games are rather the exception. In the divination category are usually found oracle applications and other ways of communication with the unknown spheres of consciousness, as well as with fate. Some of them, like the runes, even look back on an ancient tradition. Others are newer and aim to assist their users in wish fulfillment or making decisions - as well as providing the desired glimpse into the unknown. Even though there is no certainty in this area.

Soothsaying free of charge and online in the Psychic Crystal Ball

Fortune telling shows many faces. Especially in an esoterically open-minded society, arts like palmistry or scrying are no longer secret knowledge. Besides reference books especially the internet provides insights into the different methods of divination for anyone who is interested.

The world of prophecy and clairvoyance is complex and colorful. The site here is great for entering and exploring this mystical world.

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