Get a fortune telling from an online dice. About the future, love or any topic of your choice.

Ad Oranum - Got questions?
Augurs Dice Divination Titel

Consult the omniscient dice of Augur. Get advice, a glimpse into the future, a divination or answers to questions of your choice. The important thing is, that they can be expressed by the numbers one to six.

Guide - how to read dice

Pick one of the questions that is interesting to you and just start playing the dice fortune telling game. The answer is based on the number rolled. The meaning of the dice can be seen in the legend below.

If something completely different is of interest than the five offered topics, take the sixth option, the free roll of the dice. Here you have to determine the meaning of the numbers by yourself. It's best to write this down somewhere, so that you can always see what the dots mean. Unless you want to do the whole thing completely intuitively and by gut feeling, without a fixed pattern.

Dice divination chart with the meanings that can be selected

What will my day be like?

The reading for every day. This is the simplified version of a tarot daily card.

1. bad

2. not that great

3. mediocre

4. quite well

5. nice

6. awesome

Does he/she love me?

For uncertainties in love life. Or if you simply want some kind of spiritual or psychic confirmation.

1. neutral

2. sympathy

3. friendship

4. is not sure

5. yes, a bit

6. yes, very

What waits in the future?

A classic fortune telling, focused on the prediction of the future. In which areas of life can I expect progress or positive events?

1. prosperity

2. love

3. success

4. freedom

5. growth

6. wisdom

What is going to happen?

This one offers a gaze into the future. It is about occurrences in the next time and whether they are rather good or bad.

1. something stupid

2. something annoying

3. something boring

4. nothing special

5. something good

6. something lovely

How can I reach my goal?

Advice for personal success. In which way do I achieve what I have targeted?

1. relaxed attitude

2. specific talents

3. trained skills

4. information

5. good planning

6. hard work

Rolling dice only

For own dice readings. Select by yourself what meaning you want the numbers to have. Of course this can also be an online dice for any use, free from any prophesying intention.

Is fortune telling with dice possible?

The oracle of Augur is first of all a game. It helps with self discovery, in case one observes the own reactions to the answers and thus gets to know one's own personality better.

However, it makes fortune telling easy. The answers can be considered as a kind of omen that really predicts the future. But it is doubtful that these predictions will necessarily come true. On the other hand, divinations or prophecies rarely reveal an unalterable destiny. So if you want to know, how to read the dice, then don’t expect an absolute truth, but rather small hints that point in a direction. The whole thing is still a fortune telling game without any guarantees.