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What does my dream mean? A variety of dream symbols are explained briefly and understandably here.

The Psychic Dream interpretation

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How does dream interpretation work?

The interpretation of dreams, also called oneirology (Greek - oneiros), tries to understand and interpret a hidden symbolic message behind the stories and pictures experienced in dreams.

What does my dream mean?

On the psychic crystal ball you get a short interpretation of various dream symbols in key points.

Ideally, they offer guidance to interpret the dream by yourself.



  • need for protection from danger
  • warning of carelessness and lack of caution
  • lack of confidence in own abilities
  • fear of injury and suffering
  • fear of being punished by superior powers for an offence
  • advice that one should go through life with open eyes


  • protection and care
  • contact with spiritual powers
  • need for help and guidance
  • finding the way again after getting lost
  • development into a better human being
  • someone will need backup



  • instinctive impulses
  • low mental development
  • fear that you may appear too childish, uneducated or retarded
  • fool around and play games
  • being able to laugh at oneself




  • inner purification
  • regeneration and recreation
  • worries and stress are swept away
  • one becomes a better person
  • release from stress and tension
  • letting the past rest, especially negative experiences



  • innocence and purity
  • desire for companionship or for a child
  • curiosity and open-mindedness
  • lack of maturity and insufficient knowledge
  • in the future many chances and possibilities are waiting
  • advice that a child should be given special attention at the moment

Ballet dancer


  • grace and beauty
  • expressing feelings
  • the intellectual and artistic sides of life
  • living out fantasies through movement and dance
  • acting, dissimulation and deception
  • desire for creative development


  • colorful variety
  • be on cloud nine
  • celebrate festivals and enjoy life
  • boundless joy and the overcoming of earthly limitations
  • the short and at some point passing happiness
  • cheerfulness and high spirits



  • connection between dream and reality
  • recreation and gathering new strength
  • feelings come to the surface
  • emotional insecurity
  • casual love affair


  • physical strength
  • you might be dealing with a person who has power over you
  • parents or other persons in authority
  • indication that one needs a little more strength or influence


  • coziness and safety
  • need for security and a trouble-free life
  • protection from the hardships of this world
  • longing for the comfort one felt as a child in the parental home
  • desire for a relationship
  • omen in love life, positive and negative


  • liberty
  • desire for independence
  • follow own conceptions and ideas
  • additional insights from the bird's eye view
  • live into the day and do what you please
  • in cage: fear of imprisonment and restrictions


  • knowledge, wisdom and life experience
  • need for information or other opinions
  • sophisticated reading: striving for intellectual realization or social prestige
  • love story: one wants more romance and affection
  • entertaining novel: desire for adventure and variety
  • religious or esoteric: desire for spirituality or comfort


  • everyday worldly life
  • what you absolutely need for living
  • absorb the power of nature
  • fear of not having enough to survive


  • balancing of opposites
  • pass from one stage of life to another
  • separation between people is overcome and bridges are built
  • depart into a new time or world
  • fall in love and start a new relationship
  • new opportunities and great progress


  • mental growth
  • spiritual experiences
  • search for illumination
  • abandonment of worldly needs
  • losing fear of financial loss and poverty
  • fear of doing without sensual pleasures


  • disturbance and inner chaos
  • warning of injuries
  • fear of exposure and loss of private information
  • something might disappear in the future
  • disturbance of harmony and balance
  • someone could unexpectedly invade your life


  • common path
  • share a success
  • collaborate to achieve a goal
  • effortlessly progress
  • wish comes true by good planning
  • advice, that progress cannot be made alone



  • the finer things in life
  • need to spoil someone
  • something might happen in the future that makes you happy
  • birthday: advice to enjoy the limited time on earth



  • free self-realization
  • personal successes
  • reach a destination
  • make one's own decisions
  • prestige and social status
  • the movement of the car is hindered: there are difficulties or delays


  • strong instincts and inner movements
  • selfishness and changing moods
  • the partner, but also other people, are difficult to assess
  • one gets charmed, especially when it comes to love
  • protection forces against malicious influences
  • warning of lovesickness and heartache



  • longing for people you miss
  • fear of losing people you love
  • clinging to earlier phases of life
  • fear of losing the good things in life
  • need to bring back the past
  • grave: one suppresses or forgets something



  • suggestion that maybe one has too much trust and is too naive
  • self-deception and internal contradictions
  • you could get help with a problem
  • advice to be more open and curious in your love life
  • fear of being disappointed and betrayed
  • relationship crisis might go away on its own


  • competition for success
  • power struggles in the social environment and in working life
  • achieve goals using good tactics
  • prudent and well thought-out approach
  • sign of a relationship or transaction
  • competition in love life


  • beautiful surprises
  • omen of joy and happiness
  • positive time is on the horizon
  • give and be given
  • retreat and renewal
  • enchanting experiences are imminent


  • fashion and lifestyle
  • many chances for love
  • freedom and self-realization
  • detachment from traditional ideas and customs
  • desire for exchange with many people
  • excitement and life in action



  • how to present oneself to the outside world
  • need to present oneself in a positive light and hide the negative sides
  • washing: you want to make a better impression on people
  • expensive clothes: need for status and recognition
  • women's clothing: show the female sides
  • male clothing: show the masculine sides



  • omen of love and happiness
  • favourable developments in love life
  • joy, cheerfulness and good mood
  • new opportunities and possibilities
  • optimism and positive thinking
  • power that makes things right


  • finding a way
  • notice that you have lost your direction or overview
  • a way out of an unfavourable situation
  • need to explore new territory and broaden horizons
  • in future one may go astray


  • commitment and reliability
  • need for affection
  • romantic or harmonious time
  • magnetic forces
  • magic that fulfils wishes and brings love
  • contact to other people



  • something stressful or painful from the past becomes noticeable
  • release from a debt or burden
  • emotions that cannot be controlled
  • repressed emotions that want to come out
  • indication that other people need compassion and empathy
  • you leave something from the past behind


Grail, Chalice

  • love and feelings
  • belief in a higher ideal
  • pleasure and enjoyment
  • spiritual experiences
  • search for meaning and a higher goal
  • beautiful moments to be remembered forever



  • positive mood and enjoyment of life
  • flirt and make new acquaintances
  • attraction and excitement of nightlife
  • expression of personality
  • enjoy yourself and take what you want
  • leave the heaviness of the world behind and enjoy the pleasure of the moment



  • romantic wish is within reach
  • need for emotional growth
  • desire to get to know someone better and deepen relationship
  • partnership is not yet where one would like it to be
  • dream partner is not sure
  • insecurity and pressure in love life



  • warning of a danger
  • an old phase of life comes to an end
  • advice to let go or end something
  • change of personality or of the whole life
  • fear of death, the own as well as of important people
  • a missed opportunity or a time that will not return



  • deception and confusion
  • inner fight good against evil
  • appetite for forbidden fruit
  • self-doubt and trials
  • selfishness and concentration on own advantages
  • the dark and uncivilized sides of own personality



  • inner conflict and tension
  • problems with a difficult decision
  • head and gut say different things
  • desire and reality are too far apart
  • in relationship: balancing the interests of the ego and the environment


  • advice to pay more attention to health
  • fear of health problems and illness
  • desire for higher prestige and status
  • indication that self-healing powers are working or that they are needed


  • friendship and loyalty
  • instincts have more influence than usual
  • one could use a reliable friend
  • advice to forgive someone a mistake or a lack of manners
  • something you might want to take from someone is well guarded
  • loyalty will probably be put to the test in the future


  • have fun without worries
  • the child within oneself
  • something from the subconscious shows up in real life


  • striving for power
  • an unbeatable opponent
  • overcoming fears and dealing with them
  • social rise and wealth
  • overcoming restrictions and enforcing success
  • gaining strength and energy from the depths of consciousness



  • passive, spiritual protection forces
  • feminine appearance and behaviour
  • you don't want to expose yourself
  • need to be perceived as feminine


  • emotional difficulties
  • pointing out problems that may not be consciously noticeable
  • lose the ground underfoot
  • one is no longer in control of a situation, or even the entire life
  • loss of importance of personal interests over community thinking
  • mistakes were made in the past which are now becoming apparent




  • adopt other peoples' point of view
  • think in global dimensions
  • expand consciousness and explore new horizons
  • be open to new experiences
  • understanding correlations and using this knowledge to be successful
  • also think about the environment and the whole planet


  • fear of losing grip
  • in the game for money and success the cards are newly dealt out
  • massive change of personality and inner life
  • living conditions could change in the future
  • fear that change comes at too high a price
  • one will have to start something new


  • something bigger and more powerful than oneself
  • warning that one might forget something important
  • in the future one should proceed particularly carefully and wisely



  • mental evolution
  • moving upwards: inner growth and reaching a higher self
  • go down: being guided by inner impulses
  • stops: personal progress is slowed down


  • fleeing from something in life
  • be afraid of something
  • break free from a strain
  • not accepting restrictions and constraints
  • if escape is achieved: successful liberation from something
  • if escape fails: one is stuck in the current situation


  • wise insights and new discoveries
  • understanding feelings
  • become aware of the own situation
  • attitude to life is being reviewed
  • one should try to be neutral about something
  • something will become clearer in the future


Falling down

  • be afraid of losing grip
  • fear of change
  • warning of megalomania and arrogance
  • one could be overwhelmed by current tasks or life situation
  • concerns about possible social decline


  • magic powers
  • fulfillment of a love wish
  • can represent dream partner or real partner
  • magic is awakened in the depths of your own consciousness
  • free life without mandatory tracks and earthly restrictions
  • hint that one lives in a dream world


  • male role model
  • law and order
  • indication that guidance and advice is needed
  • fear of punishment
  • a strong shoulder to rely on


  • everything that has to do with the magic element fire
  • willpower, enthusiasm and energy
  • anger, belligerence and delusions of grandeur
  • old and meanwhile harmful things are burned to make room for new things
  • fear of losing personal interests to change
  • extinguishing fire: one tries to get a grip on rather fiery emotions


  • new forces are released
  • present oneself in a particularly good light
  • news get a lot of attention
  • celebrations and events
  • look forward to the future
  • hope for luck, success and love


  • feelings and inner developments with influence on the outside world
  • actions and decisions based on gut feeling
  • influence the real world with the subconscious mind
  • success and wealth through wishful thinking
  • fall into fountains of youth, regenerate and gain new freshness
  • omen of good income and professional progress


  • feeling of being in love
  • unexpected joy
  • youth and growth
  • good manners and respectful interaction
  • hint that one will probably enjoy life at some point in the future
  • pleasant sensations and beautiful moments


  • surpass oneself
  • dropping restraints and doing what you want
  • enjoying freedom as you please
  • shortcuts and fast routes open up
  • you might get what you want very soon
  • omen of joie de vivre and happy moments


  • pay attention to subconscious processes
  • dealing with your own feelings
  • search for a way or a direction
  • changes in love life
  • overview and control are decreasing or missing completely
  • search for excitement and adventure


  • solidity and stability
  • imminent danger which is almost impossible to overcome by ordinary methods
  • access to another person becomes more difficult
  • inner struggles and barriers
  • conquer the heart of a beloved person
  • before reaching a goal, obstacles arise


  • subtlety and cleverness
  • a false and cunning person
  • warning of misleading and slanderous comments
  • benefit from tricks and deceptions
  • cheat or manipulate your partner
  • win the heart of the desired partner by lying


  • someone changes very quickly
  • you discover previously unknown sides of your partner
  • someone could show their true face in the future
  • something is actually better than it looks at first glance




  • chase a delusion
  • sensitivity and psychic abilities
  • confrontation with death and the past
  • seeking answers
  • unknown influences and concealed effects
  • positive events through new contacts


  • nice surprise
  • advantages because of beneficial coincidence
  • need for attention and care, emotional and material
  • the desire to give something as a gift, out of charity or to look good
  • convincing others of your own value, especially through personal skills
  • get what one wants without too much effort



  • strength and physical robustness
  • fear of poverty and loneliness
  • the opportunity to take what your heart desires
  • messy: there is a threat of grief and problems
  • strong and beautiful: sign of prosperity and strength
  • hair loss: waste of money and energy


  • realizing ideas and plans
  • right: conscious actions and willpower
  • left: subconscious thoughts and feelings
  • wash: cleaning oneself from misdemeanours
  • shake hands: friendship and contacts


  • need for protection against danger
  • internal retraction in response to external pressure
  • natural defenses


  • control of inner energies to use them for yourself
  • having enough power to achieve a goal
  • in love life, happiness and passion emerge
  • winged: to rise high and achieve unimaginable things



  • security and stability
  • fear of poverty and homelessness
  • your own personality and your inner life
  • facade: the impression you make on your environment
  • higher floors: mind and conscious perception
  • deep floors: feelings and subconsciousness



  • warning of stress and danger
  • chaos and missing overview
  • something is perceived as annoying
  • something is distracting and makes it difficult to concentrate
  • thoughts and emotions come up that one would rather ignore
  • you see yourself as a small part of a big swarm


  • retreat from the world
  • desire for rest and relaxation
  • fear of loneliness
  • protection against negative influences
  • indication that one should focus more on oneself instead of looking at others
  • reminder that perhaps one needs a vacation





  • happiness of the moment
  • imaginative and artistic ideas
  • desire for more colour and shine in life
  • happiness in love by romantic ideas and unusual ideas
  • enjoy the beauty and fascination of life
  • extraordinary experience


  • new doors open, creating new possibilities
  • changes in personality and attitude to life
  • way to freedom is finally opened
  • escape constraints and restrictions
  • access to another person
  • when searching for keys: problem solution is needed


  • need for affection
  • you want to get close to a certain person
  • good relationship with partner and other people
  • someone may try to win your affection
  • friendship and collegiality
  • omen for a happy time



  • cluelessness and confusion
  • lose the way and know no further
  • secrets and riddles
  • the way to a goal is made more difficult by complications
  • previously undiscovered traits and desires
  • something might come to light that not everybody should know


  • take notice of something
  • observation and sensory impressions
  • input is needed and lies within reach
  • switch on the light: you get clarity or insights at the push of a button
  • turn off the light: you close your eyes to the truth or hide something
  • lights go out: you don't know what's going on or there is no solution


  • memories of past phases of life
  • melancholy and thoughtfulness
  • bring the positive from past times into the present
  • old love, ex-partners and missed opportunities
  • let go of unnecessary things
  • accept rise and fall


  • self-confidence and strength
  • one will probably arise stronger from something
  • a burst of emotion could cost energy in the future
  • you will be dealing with a strong personality


Magic wand

  • know and use your own strengths
  • power over the world and other people
  • to achieve a goal, exceptional skills are required
  • consciously gain advantages through special talents
  • achieve a goal without earthly exertion
  • find hidden ability inside


  • acting out of the shadows
  • one is fooling someone or being tricked by others
  • live out different sides of your personality
  • make unfulfilled romantic wishes come true
  • play and have fun
  • decadent parties


  • omen of love
  • romantic experiences
  • guided entirely by emotion
  • open for inspirations and inner voice
  • the subconscious and its mysterious powers
  • bring out unknown or hidden sides


  • female ideal
  • advice that one should perhaps be more independent
  • one needs advice in questions of love and social interaction


  • curiosity
  • restlessness and tension
  • the worry of no longer being able to make a living
  • feelings of anxiety may cost energy
  • fear of material losses and the decrease of property value
  • something beneficial or harmful could disappear


  • there is a need to change something
  • desire for great change
  • change of body and personality
  • transformation of personal qualities and character
  • uncertainties are emerging
  • restlessness and movement on an inner level



  • bailout
  • place of wish fulfillment and longing
  • advice to take a break and recharge energy
  • temporary protection against the adversities of this world


Prophecy, Divination

  • desire to know the future
  • insecurity with upcoming decisions and actions
  • open questions to which answers are needed
  • one will receive a prophecy
  • an exciting secret will be revealed
  • things happen behind one' s back



  • socializing and presenting oneself
  • good manners and appearance in public are especially important
  • gossip and rumours
  • how to appear to others
  • going out and looking for new contacts
  • meeting people and having a good time


  • growth of personality
  • impressing someone
  • present oneself in an attractive and appealing manner
  • presenting ones success to the outside world
  • reflecting on oneself
  • new powers give self-confidence


  • communicating with others and receiving or passing on information
  • possibility to get in touch with the whole world, private and professional
  • you make contact: you want to know something or achieve something with words
  • you receive a message or call: someone wants to know something or influence you
  • mobile phone feature: you are available for everyone everywhere and always, and vice versa
  • smartphone functions: something helps with communication and gathering knowledge



  • need to reach a goal quickly and without exertion
  • one leaves an obstacle or a debt behind and looks into the future
  • confusion due to events occurring too quickly
  • an unforeseen change
  • desire for freedom and independence
  • crash: a success is not going to occur as planned or hoped


  • soon something could happen that you have been waiting for
  • one will have to be patient for a while
  • a wish is about to be fulfilled
  • advice to let it slide and not to rush things
  • one attains a new level of personal development and maturity
  • search for meaning and realisation



  • materially meager and abstinent life
  • concentration on the spiritual
  • deliverance from sin
  • concentrating on inner and spiritual values
  • one has to realize something before going any further
  • retreat from the world



  • absolution of a debt
  • fear of unjustified sentencing
  • concern to be held accountable for misdemeanours
  • self-imposed restrictions
  • surrender of responsibility


  • the attraction of distance and travel
  • the hope to find happiness, wisdom and illumination in distant places
  • exploring mysteries and secrets
  • laws of reason, mathematics and nature



  • instincts, speed and ability to react
  • search for a partner, maybe with the aim of having offspring
  • something you want is hard to come by
  • you should be more careful with something
  • hint that one might not have enough courage for something
  • in future one should pay more attention to inspirations



  • an omen
  • dark thoughts and moods
  • sign of misfortune, loss and grief
  • warning of negative attitude to life and wrong paths
  • a prophecy may come true
  • one will experience the future


  • support of higher powers
  • universe provides everything you need
  • express feelings without restraint
  • suggestion that grief and joy are close together
  • a material wish might be fulfilled faster
  • enjoying life and all its possibilities


  • inspiration and creative ideas
  • gateway to another realm
  • live in a fantasy land
  • something rare and almost impossible comes true
  • you might be able to enjoy something romantic and wonderful for a while
  • a connection between very different people becomes possible for a short time



  • the future is in motion
  • the situation could change constantly
  • good prospects by positive changes
  • risk of failure and breakdown is always present
  • omen of happiness and wealth
  • personality change by unconscious processes


  • strong progress
  • the strength to achieve everything
  • make a good time
  • something is coming sooner than expected
  • time of innovation and success begins


  • love, passion and romance
  • inner fullness and spiritual depth
  • desire for appreciation
  • the desire to appear charming, attractive and irresistible
  • a love wish could come true




  • one will be put under pressure in the future
  • memories of old times are coming back
  • something must be fulfilled or completed by a certain date
  • one deals with the course of the world
  • something in the past that can no longer be changed plays a role again
  • fear of being overwhelmed by technological or social change


  • be in harmony with the world as well as with other people, and act accordingly
  • in the future, decisions will have to be made that require careful consideration
  • a balanced trade or mutually beneficial situation
  • fear of being affected by unfair behaviour
  • pressure to comply with a standard
  • in balance: everything seems to be okay (if not: something is wrong))


  • reaching a degree of maturity
  • fear of failing an examination
  • attitudes are reviewed and adapted to the current time
  • one is currently absorbing a lot of knowledge and expanding important skills
  • to master future challenges, knowledge is necessary
  • in the coming time one will learn something for life



  • depths of subconsciousness
  • movements of the life path
  • source of success and wealth
  • creating connection to the divine and magic
  • chaos of nature, to which one is exposed as a human being despite civilization
  • diving: you reveal secrets and get to know your hidden sides



  • fear of relationship breakdown
  • admonition to reconsider the behaviour towards the partner
  • the need for more distance from partner
  • sign that one has no luck in love right now
  • inner conflicts that have nothing to do with the relationship
  • heading for freedom and a future that offers more opportunities


  • emotional caution
  • fear of painful emotions
  • need to get to know someone before falling in love
  • spiritual protection from mental injury
  • receive something beautiful, which gives joy and pleasure
  • experience and growth through life



  • uncertainties of life
  • understanding feelings, of yourself and of others
  • control over destiny and life
  • progress in harmony with other people and society
  • achieve an emotional goal that cannot be forced
  • danger of missing a target or going under


  • the appearance and the external impression
  • romantic hours may be ahead
  • if there is something wrong with the shoes, you have problems with certain facts
  • positively felt shoe: in future everything could go as planned


  • double-cross
  • eternal life and death
  • elusive personality enters life
  • someone could be helpful and good or harmful and evil
  • caution and suspicion, especially in love life
  • seduction to vice and excess


  • creativity and novel ideas
  • lose willpower
  • being controlled by something powerful and influential
  • safe and hidden retreat
  • be at the mercy of fate



  • personal development
  • achieve something and work for it
  • aiming high and rising socially
  • connection between different areas and hierarchies
  • gain an overview by climbing to a higher point
  • strive for prestige


  • something changes suddenlys
  • you are suddenly hit by Cupid's arrow and fall unexpectedly in love
  • existing things are destroyed in order to create space for something new
  • relationship dispute or other conflict is coming up out of nowhere
  • a new point of view or idea brings a rapid change
  • warning that something important will be destroyed or damaged

Swimming pool

  • pleasure and relaxation
  • controlling emotions
  • conscious and rational handling of your own feelings
  • harmonic interaction of feeling and matter
  • previously unfulfilled romantic wishes could become reality
  • achieve an ambitious goal in harmony with the world


  • dealing well with emotions
  • feelings under control
  • one has life in the balance
  • in the future feelings will become more important
  • safe and in clean water: rather positive
  • unsafe and in dirty water: rather negative



Dental loss

  • new phase of life is imminent
  • one will have to fight for the own interests
  • symbol of life and youth
  • one has the strength to achieve a lot
  • for success you will have to go to the limits
  • falling out teeth: physical change as well as fear of age and loneliness


  • belief in higher things
  • gratitude for good things that have happened to one
  • dealing with the own personality
  • joy of being
  • express spiritual insights in words
  • fear of mortality


  • looking well in the light of public opinion
  • warning of deception
  • fear of missing something
  • benefit from a good reputation
  • you can win the favour of other people and take advantage of it


  • leading and ruling
  • shoulder responsibility
  • difficult decisions and their consequences
  • the enforcement of personal interests
  • tensions and conflicts over influence and power
  • personal status and position in society


  • live in an ivory tower
  • seeking distance from earthly reality
  • protection from the adversities and hardships of this earth
  • mental ascent and spiritual growth
  • need for a better overview
  • risk of falling and failing because one wanted to go too high



  • rapid changes
  • something new comes into life, something old moves into the distance
  • successful progress without major obstacles
  • path of life, which is perhaps even destined
  • you are constantly moving towards a destination


  • growth of personality
  • material existence on earth
  • patience and sustainable thinking
  • development of a long-term project
  • physical and mental well-being
  • the human being and his inner and outer condition



  • purity and clarity
  • innocent state of mind
  • pure love, away from personal interests
  • desire for a perfect world without malice
  • inner purity, free from evil thoughts or doings
  • fairytales and fantasy



  • excitement, entertainment and passion
  • stealing energy, vitality and attention
  • you are being taken advantage of, or taking advantage of someone
  • fear of malice and unfair competition
  • desire for power over other people
  • contact with something strange


  • common habits and old traditions
  • warning of loss of privacy and anonymity
  • advice to slow down life a bit
  • a return to the simple and grounded
  • in the future it will be easier to overview your life and your contacts



  • conflicts and tensions
  • something that exists will be destroyed
  • warning against unnecessary provocation
  • a problem can only be solved by a major effort
  • contrasts between ideas, world views and lifestyles
  • major dispute involving more than one person



  • indication that time is passing and cannot be stopped
  • transience of life and individual phases of life
  • need for good planning to avoid time pressure
  • fear of time passing too fast
  • changes in life and relationships
  • something must be decided or settled soon


  • emotions and inspirations
  • life and birth
  • purification
  • indication that one becomes more lazy or perhaps lets oneself go
  • dirty: difficulties and misfortune are imminent
  • clean: a happy time might come



  • richness and saturation
  • contentment and plentiful prosperity
  • working for something and creating values
  • desire for material status and social recognition
  • plenty of energy, optimism and confidence
  • wide range of possible actions and options



  • a wish is about to come true
  • longing for a partner for life and a firm relationship
  • adapting to fellow human beings and society
  • egoistic or irresponsible phase of life comes to an end
  • spiritual growth by connecting opposites
  • the future life is probably about to change significantly



  • secret feelings and hopes
  • a wish comes true
  • inspiration with practical benefits
  • new energy and recreation
  • hope for eternal youth and freshness
  • something wonderful or important comes to light


  • giving insights into the own personality
  • senses, with which you perceive everything around you
  • connection between oneself, other people and the world
  • look out: one will focus on the outer world
  • look inside: one will concentrate on inner processes
  • openness or reservedness



  • omen for a fortunate fate
  • selfish and despotic behavior
  • warning of the malice of other people as well as one's own
  • patronizing person
  • a connection between two people is established or deepened
  • love life will be more positive in the future


  • achieving success through effort and investment
  • need to comply with the social norm
  • material life on earth and what is necessary for it
  • indication that you have to perform in order to achieve something
  • work with low prestige: fear of losing status
  • becoming unemployed: fear of not being needed or not being able to do enough


  • fear of people
  • inner struggles
  • indication that a part of the own personality may be left out
  • need to come to terms with oneself and others
  • pack: warning of disagreement with the social environment and colleagues



How accurate is the interpretation of dreams?

It is questionable whether the interpretations apply exactly to oneself in each individual case. However, experience shows that the symbolic traditions of our culture, which are derived from psychology, fairy tales, esoteric knowledge and other sources, are often relatively correct and provide clues for a better understanding of dreams..