Ad Oranum - Got questions?

Dream symbols arranged from A-Z are explained. The informations offer many alternative interpretations.

The symbols on the cards are interpreted like dreams and explained in detail.

The previously described deck is used, only that it looks entirely on love life here. You have the choice between a short and an extensive reading.


This content deals with dreams in its own way. And this can be very multifaceted, from alphabetically arranged explanations of terms to the construction of emotional dream experiences that provide pleasures or revive fears. What they have in common is that it is always about their interpretation, in other words what they reveal about one's own personality, life situation or future.

What dreams tell you

... is not always what they mean. Friends can in truth represent one' own person, a witch can announce new relationships, a fling can be an omen for the solution of a relationship problem, and a romantic date can indicate an insecurity about the partner's feelings.

But even more often their meaning can be well understood. Because they originate from the human being and its culture of life.

Thus, a vehicle of transportation promises progress and fast or effortless advancement. If you drive it yourself, you hold your fate in your own hands. If you are a passenger, others determine the path. In each individual case, completely different interpretations are possible, of course.

If someone dreams of teeth falling out, this indicates a confrontation with aging. If the focus is on clothing, it is about the image that one gives to the outside world. And a labyrinth can warn of helplessness or that one has lost the way..