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Receive some advice on the theme of love - no matter whether already found someone or still in search. Coffee ground reading is a proven practice of fortune-telling. It implies the interpretation of occurring symbols and patterns. Those symbols and patterns can also be found in the foam. After selection of the desired lot provided by this fortune-telling app, the corresponding symbols become visible. Their interpretation refers to questions of love and togetherness. To benefit from a precise prophecy, the marital status - single or in partnership - first has to be indicated.

During the divination, the foam in the cup takes a certain shape. This could be a heart, for example, either broken or with Amor's arrow going through it. Also a car or an umbrella may occur for instance. To the right of the coffee cup, a written interpretation will appear for each individual foam symbol, describing different aspects of love and feelings.

Online fortune-telling by means of a coffee cup

The meaning of each appearing symbol is indicated in note form. The interpretation offered here does not attempt to be the only true one. A plane symbol, for example, can be associated with a lot of different experiences. This should not be ignored, since these experiences are often linked with romantic feelings like butterflies in the stomach or romantic relationships. The interpretations provided are suggestions and can be assimilated accordingly, if desired.

This prophecy has no direct answer to simple questions like "does anybody love me?". On the other hand, the terms and short messages help to create own interpretations which have their origin in everyone's personal and individual life situation.

Learn more about your love life

Not every partnership is the same and also singles lead different lives. Some of them might have fear of being lonely, while other singles enjoy the feeling of being free. This shows that each result of coffee froth reading also depends on the personal and individual background everybody has. For those persons who have already gathered first experiences with oracles and fortune-telling, this does not come as a big surprise.

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