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Emotions and life cause many unanswered questions. It's not a miracle, why so many people ask psychics, oracles or the tarot for advice, when it comes to love and romance.

Love Card Readings - the probably most popular of the world

This method of cartomancy has conquered hearts. Four cards take a look at the togetherness, both partners, their problems and their future.

  • 1. Current situation
  • The first card describes the relationship from a birds eye view. It may also point at a problem, that has to be solved - or at a present challenge for both parties.
  • 2. This is me
  • The questioner or the character in the focus is pictured here. It shows the thoughts, emotions, secret wishes or the hidden agenda.
  • 3. This is my partner
  • The better half respectively the other person.
  • 4. Advice for the future
  • Possible solutions for difficult situations, hints how to improve the relationship or the own life, a look at the upcoming time.

The following decks can be selected:

  • Love Tarot
  • A romantic interpretation of the most favored divination method. The 22 cards describe important emotional developments, personalities or situations.
  • Lenormand Cards
  • The deck of the famous psychic Madame Lenormand, who lived in Paris at the time of Napoleon. She divined the future, especially for the bourgeois ladies of the upper class. And many questions she had to answer were about affection and passion.
  • Angel Cards
  • Positive influence from benevolent higher beings. Use a spiritual magic of biblical origin to explore the mystery of love.
  • Angel Tarot
  • Advice for the heart from a benevolent and celestial interpretation of the tarot. Angel magic meets the most popular divination system of the world.

Oracle Sayings - Feelings, passion and jealousy

The sayings try to take a look into the future or to give a tip for the present. Focus on your thoughts and feelings. Then love can spread everywhere and be the key to everything.

Do you want to know how your emotional life is going to be and if you will be happy forever? What kind of feelings are bothering you, right at this moment? This fortune telling game helps finding answers to such questions.

Maybe you will find the person of your dreams in the next future. A wedding may await someone. Or your relationship might experience turbulent times. You can get a glimpse on such matters - with the help of this psychic reading

Now start the Love Oracle.