Love Oracle Yes-No - Title

The love oracle answers with a YES or a NO.
How many times?

Yes or No - Love Oracle

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Yes or No - Love Oracle

Sometimes the heart needs a clear and obvious answer. If this reply is not that easy to find, at least not from the person it should come from, a divination can provide with a forecast or a hint. But prophecies and predictions tend to speak in riddles. However, this online oracle answers either with a Yes or a No.

One has to select, how many similar answers are needed. The options are: one, three, five or ten. A tally sheet takes the counting, if necessary.

Besides a respond to a question, the method provided here can also help with decisions. If it is not that easy for you to make a certain commitment, for example, you can let the oracle decide, whether the reply is positive or not. As soon as you get its ultimate answer, you might totally agree or disagree - and make your own decision as a result.