How often is he or she thinking about me? And how am I perceived? Does he think about me the way I think about him? Does she still love me, too? Look into the crystal ball, draw a card or use a dice to get answers.

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The desire to see inside the partner's head is as old as love itself. One would be too happy to know how the partner or crush thinks and what exactly is going on in his or her head.

Asking is an obvious way to get an answer. In addition, you could try to interpret the behavior somehow psychologically. The good advice of trusted persons may also be helpful here.

Also a way to see into the head of the better half can be cartomancy and the use of oracles. Two methods are offered here to explore the mind of the husband, wife or another person you just made contact with. They can be performed online here on the site, or with a plastic cube to touch respectively a printed deck of cards that lies in front of you on the table.

Dice - Does he/she think about me?

The answer is given by the value of the dice. You can accept a result or roll it more often and read tendencies from it. And you can observe your own reactions to the results.

How often does he/she think about me?

1. almost never

2. rarely

3. occasionally

4. frequently

5. very often

6. all the time

Does he/she think good of me?

1. rather poor

2. not so good

3. medium

4. quite well

5. very good

6. is delighted

These are only possibilities how the dice can be used. Of course, the meaning of the numbers can also be adapted to other questions.

What is he/she just thinking? - with a crystal ball

What is going on in her or in him? What is currently taking place in the partner's head?

The images that appear online in the fortune-telling ball give an idea of what that could be. It doesn't always have to be about love. The better half or the desired partner is possibly thinking about the career, the next vacation, the personal self-realization or simply relax a little. Of course, it could also be romantic daydreams, planning a special surprise, or reflecting on the relationship.

What does he/she think of me? - with the love tarot

To get an idea of that, you draw a card from the tarot. Here, this is done by touching a button online and a love tarot card with three interpretations appear.

Of course, also printed decks can be used for this purpose. If you prefer to work offline with a common tarot set or the Lenormand cards, for example, then this is also fine.

Oracle answers

The methods described do not aim achieving an absolutely correct answer in the first place. Rather, one approaches the truth in a playful way.

Different possibilities are thought through and one gets ideas about what might really be the case. In this manner, gradually, or even abruptly, a picture emerges that perhaps fits, also because the mind and the own judgment are used.

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