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The Age of Aquarius is regarded as an era of freedom and creativity. Mankind should gradually emerge free from inhibiting forces and be able to achieve room for personal as well as common development. This change creates a new reality of life.

According to many opinions, the alteration is taking place in the decades around the turn of the millennium. In contrast to the Age of Pisces, self-awareness leads to greater growth and wisdom - and not earthly suffering or burdens. While the influence of conservative religious opinions is decreasing, more and more people create their personal spiritual view of the world. This view may still include existing religions and philosophies. However, it also allows diverse esoteric aspects as well as personal ideas.

Future Vision of the Age of Aquarius

This augury attempts to divine the future or provide guidance for the present with the help of oracle signs. The prophecies are affected by the spirit of this new age. They perceive humans as individuals seeking greater fulfillment from life, something that the previous world view of society did not assign to most of the people. The individual is not watched as an unsophisticated subject or even as a uniform part of something superior. It is regarded as a free spirit, that enjoys an eternal life in an infinite, colorful universe and achieves greater growth and a deeper development.

At first, the augury selects one of the symbols with the help of the powers of faith. There also appear four ideas, which reveal an impression of how the result can be understood. One can activate the clairvoyant in oneself and use this four headwords to create an own prediction, which is connected with the personal circumstances.

Signs of this Augury

This oracle often expresses itself with the help of underwater motives. This fact and the name of the augury might give the impression, that the zodiac sign of Aquarius is associated with the esoteric water element. But this is not true. The zodiac is an air sign. His emphasis lies on freedom and self-awareness, even though there may exist some tendencies towards typical water-attributes. There subsists a certain hope, that the age of Aquarius brings greater love and harmony, features that are connected with the water element.

Besides the astrological context, this online prophecy offers divinations, which are applicable for everyday situations and the demands of life. In general, auguries have their focus on all human concerns. Trivial things can spark different states of mind, such as happiness or sadness. The path of life is often affected by evident events, even though they might have a spiritual cause. The divinations of this augury shed light on esoteric incidents and also offer informations for everyday life.

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