How will Christmas be? Look into a snow globe and get a divination from the online Christmas oracle.

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Christmas Oracle Titel

How many days until Christmas?

An oracle for Christmas time

What is the most beautiful time of the year? If someone should start a poll on this, the winner would probably be the Christmas season, closely followed by summer, presumably.

Many people already look forward to it in the fall and some start the first preparations even before Advent. Anyone who cares about Christmas wants it to succeed. But it's an illusion to believe that you have this in your own hands. Many things can go wrong, from force majeure to errors in planning. If only one knew beforehand!

The Christmas oracle gives a small idea of how the holidays will be. The answers give a divination about what awaits on these days.

The structure of the Christmas oracle

First, the oracle draws a number between one and ten. This is followed by an interpretation of this number, both as a picture and in words. A look into a snow globe gives an idea of what the Christmassy future will look like. The notes above the ball indicate further clues, which also result from the number drawn.

The interpretations of the ten numbers are based on a spiritual numerical mysticism that is thousands of years old, just like the Christmas tradition.

1. Divine love

There is a festive atmosphere and a joyful mood. Spiritual feelings arise.

2. Wisdom

One thinks a lot. Wise thoughts and enlightening insights arise from this.

3. Self Realization

A journey may be coming up. One will go somewhere or reach a destination in another way.

4. Goodness

There are gifts waiting to be given or received. Perhaps it also comes to a good deed.

5. Conflicts

Discussions or even arguments could be coming up. When things are going very badly, a negative mood arises.

6. Connections

One is going to get together with family, friends and other people. Contacts are maintained and conversations are held.

7. Eternity

At the holidays, peace and quiet are waiting. There is time to relax a little and let go of burdens.

8. Energy

Varied days full of movement are ahead. Probably there will be a lot of fun.

9. Attraction

Love and romance are waiting. It can come to beautiful moments.

10. World

Pleasures and feasting are on the horizon. Wellbeing and coziness characterize the festive season.

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