You need assistance with a decision? A virtual coin can be tossed in this free application. In a first step, the number of attempts has to be determined. Will there be one single shot? Or shall heads respectively tails appear several times, until the result is really clear?

At a simple touch of the button, the coin will be set in motion and either head or tail turns up. When tossing a mint, there is a 100% chance that it lands on either side. Since none of the two outcomes is favored by chance, the odds to land on head or tail are 50/50. This applies to the virtual world and also to the physically touchable one. At least more or less. Of course a real dime could theoretically rest unfavorably at the edge or roll away untraceably - maybe because of an uneven ground. Such circumstances can be avoided by choosing an online version as provided here. This variant is protected against such physical influences.

Virtual Coin flip - tips for practical use

As already mentioned, this application serves as a decision tool supplying a satisfying 50/50 result - similar to the Yes No Generator of the Psychic Crystal Ball. But of course there are more thrilling possibilities to use a tossed mint.


Decision-making by flipping a coin had even been approved by the once groundbreaking psychologist Sigmund Freud. He recommended this procedure as a way of self-examination. Though the individual questioner should not solely put his arbitrations and problem solving in the hand of coincidence. The solution is to analyze the own reaction while the result occurs. Do I like the fact, that the flipped dime has decided in favor of A or B? If one is honest to oneself, it may be clear, which alternative is preferred subconsciously.

Party game: Truth or Dare

The participants sit around a table or in a circle.They take their turns either clockwise or anti-clockwise, one after another. The accordant person decides, whether to answer the question honestly or to fulfill a duty. Needless to say, that it is funnier, when the coin toss makes this ruling.

Party game: Kiss or Not

This game is played similar to "Truth or Dare". But here, the atmosphere should be more crackling. All possible couples take their turns one after the other. Another option could be to always determine a new couple combination by fortune.

As soon as the die is cast, it shows whether the two partners must / may smooch or whether they refrain from it. The intensity of the smooching act is determined by the couple. The situation can be eased by previously arranging that an innocent kiss is absolutely sufficient. On the other hand, a tightening in the opposite direction would also be a possibility. In this case, the couple occupies an empty closet or the lumber-room for their own private purposes.

Heads or Tails - Random answers

This situation is known from books, movies and also from real life. A decision has to be taken, but time is short. The advantages and disadvantages of two alternatives might be in balance or there is no agreement among the persons concerned. A virtual coin flip can be the perfect solution. Depending on whether destiny opts for heads or tails, the future life will take its course.

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