How will my day be? Start the free daily oracle right online. Get a daily motto from the zodiac signs or a divination from an oracle game.

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Daily Pophecy Title

Daily Prophecy

Oracle for daily future readings

The daily oracle offers two options. The online fortune telling game or the sayings from the zodiac signs. Both provide a motto or even a divination for the day. Depending on how you want to understand the result.

Zodiac oracle for the day

Daily prophecy scorpio

Right after the start, a zodiac sign appears. It is always portrayed as a kind of astrological goddess. The sign reveals which positive influences its particular ruler planet sends on this day. These oracle sayings are always based on the characteristics of the sign and the planet. Here are some examples.


On this day Mars unleashes your passion.


Today Venus increases your endurance.


Very soon Mercury inspires you to interesting thoughts and creative ideas.


Today the moon makes you feel everything more intense.


Soon the sun strengthens your persuasiveness and charisma.


On this day Mercury sharpens your sense of truth.


Today Venus brings you harmony and peace.


Soon Pluto emphasizes your dark and hidden sides.


On the present day Jupiter strengthens your faith in yourself.


Today und tomorrow Saturn fosters your material success.


Soon Uranus helps you to change something fundamentally.


In the next time Neptune sends you beautiful dreams.

The daily oracle game

Daily oracle game

This variant of the free daily oracle works similarly to a slot machine. It shows whether things are going particularly well in terms of love, money or luck. There are three symbols for these areas of life. They appear in three positions. Three identical characters mean the big win, two similar or different characters mean nothing special.

Win means a positive outlook on the very next time for the respective area of life, for example love, from which three of the symbols appear. Who uses this oracle quite strictly, has to be content with the interpretation of the future, which appears after one try. No matter how it turns out. But perhaps one can expect a better result tomorrow or the day after. Then the world will look completely different and the motto will be: new game, new luck.

Another way would be to try the daily oracle until the result corresponds to one's own expectations. In this way, one makes an attempt to shape the world and the future according to his/her own wishes, instead of passively hoping for a good omen.

How is the result to be understood? The player only gets a small hint, depending on which symbols the daily oracle displays. Moreover, the result can only be good. There are no negatives here. Also no warnings about dangers or risks.

Any positive prediction only provides tendencies of course. For example, if you get three hearts from the clairvoyant one-armed bandit, you won't suddenly end up in a love paradise where every wish is read from your eyes. Unfortunately, such an expectation on the daily oracle would be unrealistic. More than a good omen does not happen. Nevertheless, such a small sign could develop its own dynamics and transform today, tomorrow and the time after into something unforgettably beautiful. This way the course is set for a positive future.

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