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Online Oracle Reading

An augury for each day. Find out how your next hours might transpire with this free online psychic game. How does this divination operate?

The Psychic Crystal Ball’s daily prophecy works like a slot machine. It tries to forecast how the day on which you are using this augury is going to develop. Four different symbols exist in this divining psychic game: love, money, fun, luck

These symbols stand for different aspects of life and may define your motto of the day. That is, if the Prophecy can see something special. This happens when you get the same symbol three times.


The output arises by chance, or by spiritual destiny. It tells you if there is a chance that love, money, fun or luck are going to affect the respective day. So if money comes, for example, you can maybe look forward to success in business. If fun comes, you might get the opportunity to laugh and have a great time off.

You should know that the prophecy is totally unsealed, just like all of the other foretelling games on the Psychic Crystal Ball. The future is of course in movement, so it is not always easy to say what will happen in a few hours, a few days, or even a few years. But maybe you can reverse some tendencies.

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