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Test and train your parapsychological abilities.

Practice psychic skills online

Do I belong to the group of persons with parapsychological powers? Sometimes these abilities appear more or less obviously. But maybe they are just lying hidden. The PSI test here can help to get hints if such capabilities reveal themselves right now. It is also a way to train para-psychic capabilities. Because if you really want to achieve something, you don't necessarily need an extraordinary talent for it. Practice makes your psychic ability perfect!

Psychic testing online

The concept of such tests is simple: A card is drawn without the participant knowing which one it is. Next, the test person is asked which card it is. Of course, the person cannot know what was actually drawn. Nevertheless, she must choose one of the possibilities. Now it shows whether the answer was right or wrong.

Correct answers?

In the test on this page you can choose between four symbols. Square, circle, triangle and star. Each of them has its own button. When the user has to decide which of them will come next, the random result is already determined. So you don't have to look into the future, but only to recognize, feel or know something that is already a fact.

After the button is pressed, the previous symbol appears. Were you right or wrong? This is now determined and further counted when you repeat the test. This continues until you stop or delete the previous results in order to start recording from zero.

On the right side you can see how often you were wrong, on the left side how many times you predicted correctly. Below that, there is also the rate in percentage form. With four symbols to choose from, the natural hit rate would be 25%. If the test person is above this, it can be seen as an indication that parapsychological abilities are involved.

How can I increase my score?

Always keep the mind clear and shut out disturbing thoughts to avoid blocking intuitions and clairvoyant hunches.

Concentration alone is not everything here. You also have to show confidence in your own gifts.

Sometimes one is overcome with the certainty that this or that symbol is hidden behind the card. And look! It was right. Maybe it helps to create this special feeling inside you again and again. Occasionally, it helps to just listen within.

Tip: There are sessions where nothing can be accomplished at all. Instead of becoming annoyed and constantly experiencing new failures, it might be better to continue with the PSI test on another day or a few hours later. This way at least the belief in one's own parapsychological abilities is not affected. Assuming that they exist at all in a provable form.

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