A crystal ball serves to tell somebody's fortune and open that person's eyes to the unknown. The images that are perceived are interpreted to reveal hints about the past and the future.

These interpretations are generally derived from time-honored concepts, studies of psychology and ancient esoteric knowledge. They provide interpretative options and serve as guidelines. Of course those who intend to act as fortune-tellers can come to their own conclusions when they interpret the images.

To look into somebody's past

This is a method popular with magicians and fortune-tellers to look into somebody's past and future with the help of a crystal ball. In this way, patterns and forms that are hardly perceivable develop into images. Sometimes the fortune-teller who is so immersed in the task, will also have premonitions. The landscapes, faces, objects and creatures that emerge are answers to questions or inspire prophecies in some or other way. They hint at the present or allude to the future.

On this website, you can gain insights into many esoteric practices. They aim to tell somebody's fortune or understand the present in a clairvoyant manner. Besides tarot cards in extraordinary versions, less well known ways of fortune telling can be explored, such as the use of wiccan boards or interpreting utensils made of glass. Without a doubt, there are far more exotic ways to predict the future, for example by interpreting the markings that surface when a tortoiseshell is thrown into the fire. However, such methods are usually confined to the past.

It is fair to assume that considerably more people own a deck of tarot cards than utensils such as vitreous spheres. While the vitreous divination tools might more readily be considered a part of today's culture due to references in books and films, presumably many people do not feel qualified to use it. Unlike such methodes, oracles in the form of cards usually provide the answer.

Premonitions through crystal ball gazing

The crystal ball closes the gap between interpreting emerging images and determining somebody's fate with typical oracles. The images might be shrouded in fog, but it is generally possible to determine what they represent. These crucial symbols are then interpreted with the help of legends. Studies of psychology as well as dream interpretations contribute to this, just as much as mankind's experience with clairvoyance and fortune telling does, which date back centuries and millennia.

After gazing into this online divination tool, soon an image emerges alongside the corresponding prediction. This can be understood literally. Just as legitimately, it might be accepted as an interpretative option. Possibly certain images lead to different associations at that moment. In that case, it is reasonable to follow one's instincts and rather accept one's own interpretation which comes from within. Such interpretative leeway might inspire individuals to try using a crystal ball. If it does not, the online version that can be used here free of charge always provides an answer.

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