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Crystal Ball Gazing Titel

Seeing with a crystal ball was a popular method for magicians and fortune tellers. Pictures or visions were created from barely perceptible patterns and forms.

Council and Outlook

Look into the knowing crystal ball and receive a divination. This can be advice for the present or an outlook on a possible future. You can also let the impressions have their effect on you and form your own interpretation of what you have seen, completely aligned to your personal thoughts and questions.

What the sphere says can be taken seriously - or not. Its predictions are mainly the result of a game. Nevertheless, fate also exerts its influence on what one sees and reads. Maybe there is a certain reason why a couple of lovers appear now and a witch house afterwards. Or a dream prince together with a wishing well.

How big the parts of fun and of seriousness are, you have to decide for yourself. It certainly also depends on the current mood. This glass ball can certainly be anything you want. Anyway, you should never overestimate prophecies. No matter if they come from an online game or as a sealed letter of the State Ministry of Magic and Divination, delivered by a black raven.

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