Ad Oranum - Got questions?
Council of the Gods Title

Get in touch with the ancient gods and receive their advice. Of course, each deity will tell you something different. The residents of Olympus, or in individual cases of the underworld, have very different characters and can also be quite capricious.

You have two choices:

Oracle Saying

This can be a mysterious wisdom or a cryptic prophecy of the future. What appears here is particularly depending on the current mood of the adviser.

Divine Suggestion

A useful hint for solving problems and achieving goals. This is how the deity, that appears to you, would handle it.

The Gods of the Oracle


The most powerful god stands like no other for rules, hierarchies and the higher order. He masters the forces of nature. His words create facts and he is used that all his instructions are followed. Zeus does not hesitate to use the freedom that his power gives him for personal interests as well.


She is married to Zeus - and has no easy fate. Her husband is the leader of the gods and does what he wants, even in his love life. Hera often argues with him and is constantly jealous because of his cheating. As wife and mother she watches over the newborn life and honesty in relationships.


The goddess of love is beautiful and seductive. She also enhances her look with a magic belt. Fidelity is not one of their characteristics. When her heart desires something, she wants it despite all conventions and manners. She stands above all things and enjoys her freedoms.


She is responsible for the worldly biosphere and the enjoyment of its fruits. This also happens through agriculture and farming. She fosters opulence, prosperity, and generosity. With her magical torch she also shows explorers the way. The ancient Egyptians worshipped her under the name Isis.


When it is about hermetic arts, people mean him. The magician Hermes Trismegistos is regarded as this deity. He is the author of secret writings, which help creating reality with the help of imagination.


The god of Celebration and Dancing. He encourages you to enjoy the moment and the whole life to the full. Dionysus can make you forget your worries and live in the present.


Like no other, she stands for beauty. Where she is, flowers and all the vegetation are blooming. Because of her breathtaking appearance, she is strongly desired, which leads to quarrels and even war. Thus she is also a symbol for complications that arise out of love.


As the god of war, he is a symbol of revenge and anger. He stands for ego, ambition and willpower. If he has a goal, he will accomplish it, no matter how high the price is.


Her passion is science. Athena is attracted to the cities of this world, which she regards as a melting pot of knowledge and research. She encourages people to develop new products. In war, she counts on superiority by better tactics - and a long-term development of her military technique.


He rules the world of the dead. That means a lot of responsibility. This is why Hades will not negotiate when it comes to protocol. From the underworld there is no escape. There he reigns over the dead and keeps riches, which despite their splendor are tainted by darkness.


The ruler of the seas is used that everything flows around him and things change permanently. From the depths of the oceans he knows the secrets of creation as well as of destruction.


The god of the arts stands for fantasy and creativity. He is the master of the muses that inspire and motivate all kinds of artists creating something unforgettable. Apollo influences the development of culture.


She has neither husband nor children and is completely unattached. Her freedom is sacred to her. Mostly she is in the woods where she hunts and protects those who need her help, especially women and children.


He loves competition and challenge. No task is too difficult for him. Hercules is enthusiastic about sports, and he always wants to win. If you put stones in his way, he might get angry. But he will also try to be fair.


His field is the fire. He uses it to forge weapons and mint coins. Vulcanus builds magnificent palaces and fortresses that can hardly be conquered. He is not very vain. Instead, he prefers to focus on his work.


Half the year Persephone spends in the underworld with Hades. This is why it stands for death and the hereafter. Since she is allowed to return to the world of the living for the rest of the time, she is also a symbol of rebirth and immortality. The growing and passing is an eternal cycle for her.


he goddess of Righteousness helps and restricts at the same time. She ensures an appropriate balance between happiness and suffering. Those who are not satisfied with their destiny for good reasons can complain to her. Nemesis tries to prevent individuals from suffering too much.


Her mission is to offer honey and ragweed to the other inhabitants of Olympus. Pleasure, celebrations and gourmet delicacies are the source of her enthusiasm. Hebe is also the goddess of youth which she accompanies while they grow up. She spreads youthful freshness and the eternally blossoming life.

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