Ad Oranum - Got questions?
I Ching Title

The I Ching is an ancient oracle. Its wisdom has influenced rulers and philosophers. But it can also give advice for everyday life.

By throwing coins, hexagrams are created. The messages of these oracle signs could be transferred to the government business of Chinese emperors as well as to the private or business affairs of citizens. Their findings were valid then and are still valid today.

The interpretations here are primarily aimed to the concerns of modern life. The various questions are about love and career and personal success.

How the coin oracle works

First of all the hexagram of the present is determined. For this purpose, three coins have to be thrown several times. From bottom to top, the hexagram builds up from the first to the sixth line. Depending on the result of the coins the single line is long or interrupted, is marked as a change line or remains as it is.

If at least one of the six lines undergoes a transformation, a second hexagram is created. As a user, you can see in which direction the future is changing. If there is no change, it means that the present is stuck. Then you still have to understand or experience something until you can develop further.

Divination, wisdom and philosophy

The value of this ancient Chinese lore goes far beyond its use as a tool for predictions. The results may change, but its proposed solutions and the philosophy behind them are timeless. They support a successful life and inspire one to become a better person, who pays as much attention to the own development to the higher as to the interests of all people.

Now start the great I Ching..