Defeat the lucky pig in dice rolling! The game is about a fulfilled wish of your choice.

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Lucky Pig Title

Will I be lucky in the future? In which areas of my life may it work out especially well? And what do I have to do for it?

The last question can be answered immediately, at least when it comes to the online divination game here. You just have to compete against a lucky pig in the dice - and win.

Testing fate with a lucky pig

First of all, you have to determine what it is about in the first place. In which field should it come to great progress or wonderful experiences? In love life? In professional or financial matters? Or simply in the lighthearted enjoyment of life? However, this question is answered after the game character is chosen.

These six wishes can be chosen:

  • property
  • pleasure
  • love
  • journey
  • security
  • fun

The future success in life

Now it's getting serious. You are facing the piggy and playing with a dice for the sake of future prosperity, a positive fate or whatever you want to call it. Basically, it's about getting a fortunate omen.

Each of the two players can roll the dice once. The higher number wins. If two identical numbers are rolled, the play is repeated until a winner is determined. If it is the lucky pig, nothing happens. If you win, it can be considered a lucky sign. Especially for the area of life that is currently at stake in this fortune telling game.

Of course, all this is only a game and not an inevitable prophecy. You play with coincidence and it reveals itself in the number of dice. Of course, one can smile about this and look at it with a wink. But what if a little positive thought caused by rolling the dice suddenly becomes reality.