Ad Oranum - Got questions?
Psychic Magic Mirror Titel

Mirrors have always been used for clairvoyance. Reflections for esoteric purposes were already established when the conventional mirror glass had not yet been invented. Water, crystals or metals also offer shiny surfaces on which images appear that can be intuitively interpreted.

Mirrored personalities tell fortunes

In dem magischen Spiegel, der hier zu finden ist, erscheinen zwei Charaktere. Eigentlich gibt es viel mehr von ihnen, doch es sind immer zwei, die abwechselnd Gestalt annehmen und gemeinsam ihren Rat abgeben. Will man einen weiteren Hinweis erhalten, dürfte dann aber ein anderes Paar auftauchen.

What they tell you also depends on what you answer on the two questions that are asked at the beginning. It's about the way you prefer to solve something and what is of particular interest. So you can be better evaluated by the magic mirror. What exactly you communicate, however, is only subliminally taken into account by the mirror. Frequently it directly responds to what is being told. The opposite is the case. Occasionally it speaks rather in riddles.

Nevertheless, most of the answers make an immediately recognizable sense. But even then, it is a good idea to reflect on them for a moment, so that perhaps a few more clues can come to light.

Who are the figures in the magic mirror?

They can be seen as images of one's own personality or perhaps as entities from some astral world of imagination. Their advice reminds of a fortune-telling game, which may be a little more spiritual, and which may also show a little bit of humor. How seriously you take what they tell you probably depends on the sense you see in it yourself.