Discover secrets by throwing runes online. Predict what could lie ahead.
In order to elicit the secrets of the old symbols, the stones are questioned ritually. This is crucial as to which signs appear. The symbols which appear are allotted by fate for this purpose.

You receive answers in this oracle from two runic stones which are thrown online after pushing a button. The first stone represents the present. It shows the world today, which always arises afresh. This results from our actions and the attitudes of the past. The second stone represents the future. Just like the first stone, it depicts the world of today. However, it is a present aimed at the future. The forthcoming events are constituted by it.

History of the Runic Signs

The 24 runes look back on a long tradition. Their use probably reaches far back into the 1st century AD. They also might have evolved earlier. With these symbols, common events and everyday items were recorded. Incised on bones, stones and wood, they were used in ritual and magical processes. The runic oracle assisted contact with the gods. In most cases, they were used for omniscient advice and future predictions.

The use of these old signs ceased with the introduction of our recent alphabet. In the spiritual dimension, the Christian religion supplanted the culture around the Nordic belief in the deities - with positive results, by all accounts. Nevertheless, this ancient knowledge has never faded into oblivion. This was probably due to the mystics and the associated use of the signs for divination.

The understanding of runes in the present usable online application is oriented towards traditional knowledge. However, the interpretation of the detailed meanings is translated into current, modern times.

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