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Elian the Seer Title

Receive advice for the future. The seer looks into his ball for you three times and gives you his prediction. He interprets the signs that appear in the glass.

What Elian might foresee (examples):

When something returns from the past, not let anyone put pressure on you. Anyway, in the future you might have to face a hurdle.

To achieve more success and wealth, find the right balance. In the future, you will probably have to make a hard choice.

If a significant letter arrives, avoid sinister thoughts. In the future, you will probably achieve a great success with an amazing idea.

How you can benefit

This fortune telling game describes possible developments of the future. Of course, it cannot make a prediction of impending events. But it can help to prepare for what actually happens by inspiring thoughts and playing through possibilities. First and foremost, it's supposed to bring fun.

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