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How will my future be? What kind of opportunities are waiting? Is there anything I should be cautious about? The psychic is giving surprisingly good divinations to questions like these. But only if you answer what she wants to know, first.

The questions are about all kinds of things like your attitudes, your abilities, your wishes or for example your zodiac sign. From every single answer the psychic learns something about you and draws her conclusions. Occasionally she also makes a comment. At the end, after you have told her everything she needs, you get a prediction.

How the psychic comes to her interpretation of the future

Now you might think that it is not a real challenge to make a future prognosis when you already know how someone thinks and what this person is planning. For example, if someone likes to travel a lot, it is only natural that a change of environment is imminent at some point. But the fortune teller's conclusions are very indirect and have little to do with normal reality.

Your answers are examined from esoteric or hermetic spheres. The questions may mostly have to do with our earthly reality, as well as the prophecies. The predictions have another, more spiritual origin. Their basis are less the immediate wishes and hopes. What is more important, is what works half in secret. hese can be energies, moods or unconscious attitudes. They are the reason why the psychic wants to know something about you, before she can foretell your future.

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