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Wish Fairy Title

A fairy asks you three questions. She wants to know what you wish for. Maybe she can help make your desire come true.

There are countless stories of fairies who fulfill wishes. They often appear in fantasy worlds, but also find their way into our earthly dimension again and again. And of course they can also show up in an oracle, like here.

Visit from the magic fairy

It's Saturday night! The entire city is in motion. People are dating, having romantic evenings, visiting restaurants and going to partys. Only Nina is a little bit sad. All this hustle and bustle feels like a celebration she is not invited for. Yet it is her birthday today. However, her expectations on this special day have dropped tremendously over time. She'll probably open a bag of snacks and watch TV alone. She doesn't even dare to believe that love and romance will find their way into her life. And as if that wasn't enough, her career has been going south lately as well.

At a truly sad moment, a small light appears at the window of Nina's attic apartment. She can't believe what is happening before her eyes. A wish fairy flies through the tilted window opening and lands in front of her on the living room table. She introduces herself as Lorelin and explains to Nina that she has sensed her distress and has rushed over to help her. Then the fairy promises the confused Nina to offer her the fulfillment of three wishes.

Invoke wish fairy online

There are no guarantees for the fulfillment of the selected things. This has its reasons. By now it should be known that the use of magic often takes its toll. Such a wish can quickly backfire. Some stories tell of unwanted events, accidents and worse, when genies and other supernatural helpers do what people tell them to do. But you should be protected from that here. Because the wish fairy gives in this oracle just a little encouragement and perhaps a tiny bit magical support.

Three wishes free? This is how it works!

Actually, there are only three questions that you have to answer. You always have the choice between two wishes. If you choose one, you will be offered it again in the next question, together with a new option. If you like the new alternative better, you can choose it. In the other case you stay with the old decision. With the last answer, you finally make a commitment and the fairies reveal how big their support is. This is expressed as a percentage. It should be mentioned that the sooner something can happen, the stronger their help will be. So true love, enlightenment or building a house are usually not as easy to achieve as some fun, a vacation or more free time, for example. But whatever the heart desires, for basically everything the support of the wish fairy can be very strong.