Consult the online and free yes no oracle. Your psychic answer generator helps with your decision by giving simple and quick answers. Use a dice, gaze into a crystal ball, open a fortune cookie, flip a coin, receive an answer in percent or ask angel and devil.

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Yes No Oracle Titel

Yes No Oracle

Get assistance with the choice between yes or no online.

Consult an online oracle. There are several variants to choose from:

Yes/No as percent

How many percent are in favor, how many against? Get a result such as 80:20, 5:95 or 49:51. The total sum is always 100%. How this is distributed, however, is always determined anew.

Yes No Dice online oracle

For a quick answer with gradations. If you roll a six, it's an absolute yes. A one is accordingly a total no. The numbers in between tend then rather in one or the other direction.

Yes or No from a crystal ball

The result appears in a fortune ball. Beforehand, it is possible to determine how many identical outputs are required until the final result is fixed. The counting is done with a tally sheet.

Ask the angel and the devil

Which opinion is held by the devil, which by the angel? Or do they even agree?

Yes/No from fortune cookie (with maybe)

Just ask a fortune cookie what you should do now. On the piece of paper inside is written what it recommends you to do. Besides the two usual results it could also say maybe.

Heads or tails

Flip a coin to decide. What will it be, heads or tails? Decide for yourself what stands for yes and what for no, or whether it is about completely different alternatives.

The Psychic Crystal Ball offers additional options for a Yes No oracle reading. You can consult a witchboard for example or use one of our free tarot readings for yes no questions.

Consult the random generator - ask your question

The agony of choice can really rob you of sleep. Urgent decisions usually attract the thoughts as if by themselves. Especially when it comes to difficult considerations. MMaking a decision or solution for simple problems quickly provides some breathing space in such a case. Even if this is not something final yet.

One way that definitely leads to an answer is to flip a coin or similar measures. And of course, online fortune telling can also provide clear answers - just like this random generator.

Every important decision should be well thought out. Sometimes, however, you want another opinion that lies beyond reason and rational consideration. Besides card reading or for example the pendulum, the Yes No oracle reading of this page offers exactly such a view. It is clear that this originates primarily from chance. But in this game with fate lies the authenticity of such oracle answers.

It goes without saying that you should not accept every result from an online fortune teller unconditionally.

Decision support for upcoming yes no questions

In some cases, you may already have found a preferred solution, but would like to have it approved by the Yes No decision maker.

The results of the generator are also intended to confirm or question one's own thoughts. In one case, this strengthens the faith in a decision made and promotes confidence. In the other case, one might be prompted to think again about a certain matter.

Now start the Yes No Oracle reading!