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Yes No with Cards Title

Draw two cards online and get advice for the decision between two options. The first one stands for yes, the second one for no.

Of course both positions can also express the advantages and disadvantages, the first and the second way, idea A or plan B, this or that person ... and many other alternatives to choose from.

This decks are available:


The famous fortune telling classic from the Paris of the nineteenth century. With interpretations of practical use even in our time, and with an eye to both emotional and worldly matters.


The symbols and images are interpreted like a dream. Besides a general observation, as with the Lenormand cards, an interpretation for love and material success is shown.


Celestial powers give their advice on the choice between two alternatives. For this purpose, the angels send their affirmation as well as a warning with each card drawn.


A coven helps to decide between yes and no. As with most other decks of this spread, there is an interpretation for the day. But only here do the cards tell the love and life story of the witches one has drawn.

You can stay with one deck or continue with a further one. Especially when you get the feeling that one opinion is not quite enough. And this is usually the case when it comes to choose between yes and no. It is even advisable to reconsider the decision the cards inspired, to rethink its consequences and to live it through.

Is that what I really want? If I do, it's fine. If not, the best thing to do is to start another round. Unless you want to find a solution in a different way.