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Online Oracle Reading

Get advice for a clear decision. Draw divination cards online for yes and for no in various ways.

You can shuffle and pull them in a more or less usual way. Or you can select them from a small amount of already drawn and turned around cards. In this case your personal choice influences the result. It is still about a decision, so maybe you don't want this result to be completely in the hand of fate.

The first two options give two answers, one for yes and one for no. The third and forth options are larger readings with four cards. They show the present and the future of both possible decisions.

No matter if you choose between backs or already revealed cards, between two answers or a complete spread, you have to determine the deck you want to use, before you start the reading. They all have their own topics, designs and interpretations. Try which one of them matches best for the question you have.

Draw cards for Yes or No with these decks