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Angel Tarot Title

Draw an Angel Tarot card and receive a divination. What kind of help have the angels in store for me?
Please touch the cards to start the reading.

Free Angel Tarot Reading

Free Angel Tarot Reading

Angels are known for changing the fate of people for the better. They convey love, hope, comfort and various positive energies. That’s also the purpose of this Tarot, which can be laid out here online. The aim is to raise the consciousness of these positive powers, as well as to foretell the future. All this could happen due to the influence of this cherubs tarotcards.

Seeing into the future can be risky. The results may be desirable as well as undesirable. The Angel Tarot cards to be found here don’t distinguish between these two alternatives. That’s because they’re simply positive and are totally dedicated to good. Finally, they exist to help people and to convey love, comfort and shelter to them.

Hierarchies - in Heaven and on Earth

There are different kinds and groups of cherubs. Some only serve God, according to the Christian idea, while others are there for mankind. Between these, there are hierarchies. Those whose tasks are located in the area of heaven, are above those who are beside people on earth.

First of all, we should mention the seraphim. They surround God Himself. Secondly, there are the cherubim who grace Paradise. Further below in the hierarchy are various types of angels whose task it is, among others, to control the natural laws reliably – and maybe sometimes to allow a small exception. The archangels occupy almost the almost lowest levels. They confer messages from God to mankind.

At the same time, there are archangels, such as Metatron, who occupy distinctly higher levels. So one can not assume that there is a totally linear hierarchy. One should not imagine this hierarchy as being a strict and authoritative one, but an indulgent, sympathetic one, full of mercy.

Guardian cherubs are probably at the lowest level. They are of extraordinary significance to people. Because it is they who offer to help (as much as possible) and to ease our pathway on Earth. This Tarot targets contact with the angelic sphere which protects mankind.

  • Interpretations - An angel ...
  • Relaxation
  • ... helps you to relax. In future, more energy might flow through your body. And you will probably be more balanced.
  • Dreams
  • ... encourages you to dream sometimes. Maybe some dreams will even come true in future.
  • Wealth
  • ... helps you with your professional targets. Maybe you can count on additional success and prosperity, in future.
  • Material
  • ... stands by your side in material matters. In future, it will probably be easier for you to handle worldly affairs.
  • Wisdom
  • ... brings wisdom. You will probably make better decisions and you may be able to judge more easily what is right and what is wrong.
  • Inspiration
  • ... inspires you. You can probably count on an improvement in your spiritual development in future.
  • Growth
  • ... helps you to grow. You will probably face less resistance regarding your mental and material self-fulfillment in future.
  • Well-Being
  • ... tries to strengthen your well-being. In future, you will possibly feel well and comfortable.
  • Reason
  • ... brings reason and sharp thoughts to you. You might find it more easy to concentrate or to make decisions.
  • Experience
  • ... shares his experience with you. In future, you may achieve incredible things and tend to wise decisions.
  • Health
  • ... tries to protect you from disease and injury.
  • Harmony
  • ... brings more harmony into your life. In future, you will probably feel more balanced and peaceful.
  • Joy
  • ... conveys joy to you. In future, you will probably laugh more often and enjoy life, maybe sometimes even without any special reason.
  • Faith
  • ... gives you confidence. In future, you will probably face life and your destiny with more faith.
  • Sensuality
  • ... enhances your charisma and your charm. In future, you might enjoy more sensual experiences.
  • Romance
  • ... brings romantic feelings in your life. You may enjoy passionate moments.
  • Power
  • ... provides you with strength. In future, your assertiveness and your capabilities may increase.
  • Love
  • ... brings you love. The future may have closeness and deep emotions in store for you.
  • Shelter
  • ... gives you shelter. In future, an invisible hand may try to protect you from threat and harm.
  • Rules
  • ... fosters your understanding of rules and laws. In future, you will probably live in harmony with the worldly as well as the heavenly order.
  • Cheerfulness
  • ... brings you a positive mood. In future, your life might contain more fun and joy.
  • Contacts
  • ... strengthens your ability to socialize. It will probably be easy for you to make friends and new contacts.
  • Mysticism
  • ... opens your mind for mystical experiences. The future may have esoteric growth and inspiration in store.
  • Magic
  • ... strengthens your magical powers. In future, you may create reality with your enhanced mind.
  • Innocence
  • ... helps you to renew your innocence. In future, a refined conscience and a pure soul could bring you closer to divinity.
  • Virtue
  • ... gives you virtue. In future, your positive characteristics will probably enhance and help you to fulfill yourself.

Laying out the Cards

This tarotcards don’t concentrate on certain angels, but on their positive influence. This includes, for example, the belief in the protection which they most probably provide, as well as in the harmony and love they convey. The drawing of a tarotcard takes place in the hope and belief that the influence of the drawn card will enter our lives. This may take place with the impulses of our heavenly helpers, besides which probably functions the power of fate, which esoterically interested people use while drawing a tarotcard. This power decides which of the Angel cards will spread its influence. It decides, with the power of coincidence and the act of providence, what we need right now, whether this is wealth, growth, wisdom or something else. That is to say, a cherub tarot reading may provide very diverse help. But it can not convey belief. Everybody has to raise this within himself / herself.

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