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Revealing secrets with the angel tarot. What should I better know?
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Card Reading

Celestial messengers have always brought hints and information to people. Especially to those, who were in need. The aim of this angel tarot reading is the revealing of secrets. Draw four cards and find out, what knowledge is meant for you. Get an interpretation of your choice, whether for love or universal matters.

Meaning of the four positions:

  • 1. What everybody can (or has to) know

  • There is no hidden lore to find here. This position shows something, that is well-known and of certain importance for the person or the subject the reading is about. Sometimes it also gives the advice to make something public.
  • 2. What you should be aware of

  • This insight is particularly meant for you. Maybe you are the only one, who knows, what the card describes. In this case, it is probably wise to keep it this way.
  • 3. What you should not know

  • Not every information is good or helpful for every individual at any time. There are things, one should better not be conscious of - yet or ever. In other cases, this card has not the intention to hide something, it only puts a finger on information kept from you.
  • 4. The big mystery

  • The last card reveals the secret spot. It outlines the answer to a huge question mark or a possible solution for a problem. It can also give an idea or a vision, that supports your personal development or your growth.