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Card Reading

This tarot cards reading gives a divination for the whole year. It is based on the Celtic wheel of the year.

A card is drawn for every festival and the time around the particular date. This can be a month or a longer period. The cards can also be interpreted in connection with the festival and what it stands for.

What the card positions respectively the Celtic festive days mean:

  • 1. Samhain - 1 November

  • The source of All Saint's Day and Halloween - and the beginning of the year from the view of sorcerers and witches. It stands for death, silence and the hereafter. The doors of the Otherworld stand wide open. The living can contact the dead and other astral beings. Samhain heralds the beginning of the cold half of the year. Winter is coming.
  • 2. Yule - Christmas

  • The time after midwinter. From now on the days get longer again and the light will come back. People purify themselves and get ready for a fresh start.
  • 3. Imbolg - 1 February

  • Winter draws to a close and spring is slowly beginning. The light glints more and more and shows its effects.
  • 4. Ostara - 21 March

  • It comes to an awakening and a rebirth. New things are arising and assume shape in this world. What previously geminated under the ground now sprouts at the surface.
  • 5. Beltane - 1 May

  • Life and people gain energy and strength. Nature creates, is fertile and takes care, that its fruits ripen. On Beltane begins the warm half of the year.
  • 6. Litha - 21 June

  • It is midsummer and the days get shorter from now on. The world is changing and the druids predict the future. This festive day is connected with clairvoyance and divination.
  • 7. Lammas - 1 August

  • The material prosperity on earth is in the focus. It is harvest time, what requires forethought and work. One should not only think of today but also of tomorrow. The possibilities to achieve wealth and a crop have to be conserved permanently.
  • 8. Mabon - 23 September

  • It is time to enjoy life to the fullest. The world has much to offer. The moment has come to relax and live out all the things you desire.