A tarot reading for the entire year - with a pattern based on the Celtic calendar. For each Celtic feast day, a card is drawn. It not only stands for the respective date, but for the entire time around this day. This can be a month or even longer.

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What the individual card positions respectively Celtic feast days mean:

1. Samhain - November 1st

The origin of All Saints' Day and Halloween - and the beginning of the year from the perspective of wizards and witches. Stands for death, silence and the afterlife. The gates to the otherworld are wide open. People can make contact with the dead and all other astral beings relatively easy. Samhain heralds the beginning of the cold half of the year. The winter half of the year is coming.

2. Yule - Christmas

The time after the winter solstice. From now on, the days will be longer again and the light will return. People cleanse themselves of old burdens and get ready for a new beginning.

3. Imbolg - February 1st

Winter is coming to an end and spring is beginning, even if only hidden. But the light is shining brighter and brighter and is having more and more effect.

4. Ostara - March 21

There is an awakening and a rebirth. New things emerge and take shape in this world. What was previously still germinating underground is now sprouting to the surface.

5. Beltane - May 1st

Life gains energy and people gain strength. Nature is creating, is fertile and ensures that its fruits increasingly ripen. Beltane marks the beginning of the warm half of the year.

6. Litha - June 21

Midsummer has arrived. From now on, the days become shorter again. The world changes and the druids look into the future. This festival is also associated with fate, clairvoyance and fortune-telling.

7. Lughnasa - 1st August

The focus is on the material growth of this earth. It is harvest time, which requires foresight and work. We should not only think about today, but also plan for tomorrow. The opportunities to achieve prosperity and a harvest must be preserved in the long term.

8. Mabon - September 23

It's time to enjoy life. The world has something to offer. The time has come to relax a little and do all the things you want to do.

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