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Card Reading

One of the most popular ways to consult the tarot is the cross. It can be asked in manifold variations. In most cases four cards are used, but also five are thinkable. Like in the reading here. Depending on the personal selection it either focuses on success or on love.

  • Cross of Love

  • 1. My love life

  • The first card is positioned in the middle and expresses what is most important to the current question or subject. This can be yourself, the relationship or your whole life.
  • 2. This brings clarity

  • What can give me answers and show me solutions? How do I find a way to happiness? How do I figure out, if something or someone is good for me?
  • 3. This is hidden

  • Something that is rather unknown but still exerts influence. It might be undetected, yet, but it should become noticeable sooner or later.
  • 4. Ex partner / past

  • In most cases it is something, that lies behind one. But it may still be of relevance today. This can be an important person or experience, for example.
  • 5. Future of my heart

  • A rather long term view. It shows feelings, events, people, phases of life or emotional milestones.
  • Cross of Success

  • 1. My target

  • This can be something I am actually able to achieve. Maybe I am working on it, right now. In other cases it is just a pipe dream or something extremely uncertain.
  • 2. Willful activities

  • What I can do to reach what I want.
  • 3. Subconscious demeanor

  • What I should believe or what attitude might be helpful. This position describes something arcane. It may rise the chances for success in a magical way.
  • 4. This restrains me

  • This can be an obstacle that has to be overcome, or a person that stands in my way and impedes my self-actualization.
  • 5. This gives me advancement

  • What kind of things help me reaching my goals? In opposite to the second and third card, this position describes exterior events, the impacts of other people or the effects of certain living environments. And other influences that do not always lie in one's own hands.