The spread of the cross is one of the most popular ways of reading the tarot. It can be used in a variety of ways for all areas of life. Four cards are usually used, but five positions are also conceivable. Like in the reading here, which looks at either success or love, depending on your choice.

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Tarot Cross Title

Card Reading

Cross of Love

Feelings, emotional turmoil, relationships and other romantic issues.

1. My love life

The first card is in the middle and expresses what is the focus of the reading. This can be your own person, your relationship or your entire love life.

2. This brings clarity

What gives me answers, provides me with an overview or shows me solutions? How do I find ways to happiness? How do I work out which partner or which attitude is good for me?

3. This lies hidden

Something that is rather unknown to me, but which exerts its influence. Perhaps one already suspects that there is something there. And it will probably be clearly visible sooner or later.

4. Expartner / past

A completed event that lies behind one, but is still important today. This can be an important person or a significant incident.

5. Future of my heart

A divination of the far future. It shows feelings, events, people, but above all important phases of life and emotional milestones.

Example for a cross love reading

She looks at the ruins of her private life, in the truest sense of the word. These ruins are represented by a tower in which lightning is about to strike, card number 16 from the Tarot. How fitting. It can be interpreted as work on a relationship, but also as its destruction, including its reconstruction through effort and long conversations. Unfortunately, it is still the destruction phase. Although, even that phase is actually over, except that there is probably nothing left to build on.

She thinks about why this is so, and the next part of the spread shows her a possible answer. It is the five of wands. The card stands for resentment, arguments and hurtful words, and there were plenty of them. In the end, they could no longer talk to each other without someone losing control despite other intentions. Then they got into it and said things to each other that they both regretted afterwards. Even if it was the truth. But it was expressed so strongly that bridges were burned and there was no turning back. That's probably why it came to an end.

Of course, the true causes were deeper. This is also indicated by the seven cups. In the next place, they reveal what is subliminal and could also be a secret, or at least something that you don't recognize at first glance. In this case, it is wishful thinking and a gap between dream and reality. You have deluded yourself and reacted irritably to everything that contradicted the dream image. You were torn from cloud nine and landed painfully on the ground. The next card shows her ex and she might think that the tarot is overreacting here, because he is not really evil. But the devil can also represent the desire for pleasure and excitement. In this case, the relationship can be seen primarily as a source of the greatest possible joy. The right people have found each other, because she felt the same way occasionally. She was simply happy to switch her head off for a while and forget the stresses of life. But at some point, the pressure and worries returned, often even intensifying. Then they argued, partly because everything was so nice a few hours ago and then everyday life was so gray and hard again.

The future also promises enjoyment in the form of the six cups. Whether with him, someone else or in a completely new way is impossible to say. But it is conceivable that it will be him again, despite everything. Not because he is the best choice, as he truly isn't, but because he will presumably be there when she needs someone. Just like the last two times.

Cross of success

How can I achieve an important goal? How can I realize a long-awaited dream?

1. My goal

This could be something I want to achieve in a realistic way and is within my scope of possibilities because I am already working on it. In other cases, the cards show a wish that will take a while to be fulfilled. Perhaps a path still needs to be found or the conditions are not yet right.

2. Conscious actions

What I can actively do to achieve what I want.

3. Subconscious mindset

What I should believe in and which attitude is helpful. The position expresses something that works above all in secret and magically increases the chances of success.

4. What holds me back

This could be a hurdle that still needs to be overcome. Or a person who puts obstacles in your way, perhaps even hindering your personal development. The position can describe something unnecessary and annoying, but also something you don't want to do without.

5. What drives me forward

Which things support my progress? In contrast to the second and third cards, this card also describes external events, the actions of other people or certain life circumstances. And similar influences that are not or only slightly within one's own control.

Example of a cross reading for success

Today, his life coach wants to use the tarot to find out what really comes first for him. And how best to achieve it. One can criticize it, call it superficial or simply typical, but he wants to be wealthy in the classic, picture-book way. He is not interested in a higher purpose and meaning. Maybe this will come later, but for now it doesn't matter. No, he wants a big house in a good location or a luxurious city apartment. He wants a great electric car, vacations several times a year and enough money to reliably provide for a family.

It is particularly important for him to have sufficient assets so that he no longer has to worry if his income suddenly collapses. As a self-employed person, he also has to take this into account. His coach draws the ten coins as his first card. They stand for wealth and a high degree of security. They show the end of a material development path. So that's his big goal. He would have guessed the answer. After all, the tarot was absolutely right with its hint.

Unsurprisingly, the three coins are next in line. They are a symbol of constant work and reveal in this spreading pattern how you can actively and consciously achieve your goal. They do not stand for hardship or competition, but simply for the disciplined and reliable fulfillment of tasks.

The position after this is less about the action and more about the attitude and the emotional side, which is also important in order to achieve something. With which attitude and with which feelings do I reach my goal? Should I be dogged and never let up or should I wait and see? Neither, says the tarot, because the eight of the Major Arcana was drawn here, Justice, which can be understood as a middle way between wanting and hoping, as a balance between willpower and the ability to let go of something.

So far, the cards have actually provided a clear path, only the fourth seems somewhat ambiguous. The Emperor is shown here. This could be a more powerful competitor in professional life or someone who holds a thumb over you in some other way and thwarts your success. Perhaps it is a person who does not give approval for something important or delays it for ages. Or maybe it's him, his boundless ambition and his urge to do everything on his own in order to keep it under control. In the first case, this can quickly lead to frustration and in the second case, it can inhibit productivity.

In both cases, however, this should only be a minor obstacle, because what really leads him to his most desired milestone in life is the High Priestess. She stands for intuition, inspiration and good access to one's own subconscious. His coach is convinced that this tarot card will give him an important clue, almost a key to success. What he needs is not obsessive work and pressure to perform, but letting go, relaxing and dreaming. He should meditate, listen to his inner voice and draw inspiration for his business from within. It may also help to vividly imagine what you want and truly believe in the fulfillment of this wish.

Adapting the cross to your own situation and your questions

The tarot spread for love and the one for success are just two ways in which the cross can be used. This system can provide answers in many different ways, adapted to your own life situation or current interests. The form of the spread is well suited to contrasting extremes, such as advantages and disadvantages or the conscious and unconscious levels. It can show the partner and oneself, one's own view and that of others or two alternatives to choose from. The card in the middle is an option, but does not have to be used. The small cross does not have it, whereas the large one does. The decisive factor is how the answers should be designed.

Further ideas for readings

The cross of partner search

1. Who I want to have

Which specific individual or type of person.

2. Where to find him or her

In which place or in which social environment.

3. How to get him/her

What I can do to make myself look attractive to my ideal partner and make him or her fall in love with me.

4. How do we come together

Which factors help to create a relationship.

5. What would our future be

A thought play about what the common future could look like.

Cross of growth

1. My path of development

What I want to achieve and what direction I have taken.

2. What makes me happy

This leads to fun, excitement, enjoyment or romantic moments.

3. What makes me unhappy

This causes sadness and a depressive mood.

4. What causes stagnation

This prevents me from developing further.

5. What makes me grow

This is how I gain important experience and find my higher purpose.

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