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Online Tarot Reading

What will today be like? What can I expect in the very next future? Drawing one or more daily cards gives hints and helps to foretell close events.

A whole selection of spread systems for the day is available here:

Daily Reading

Four cards provide a glimpse into future thoughts, feelings or experiences. And they insinuate what kind of surprises may wait. The individual card positions of this spread are not simply laid. There are always two alternatives. You have to decide for yourself which one you want it to be. Only on the last position, the surprise, there is no such choice, of course.

Select your card

In this spreading system, you take short-term fate into your own hands. The result is intentionally determined in three passes. First, four cards are drawn and turned over immediately. Now you can choose one of them. The whole thing is repeated once, so the final daily card can be selected between the first two choices.

Evaluated from date

Tarot and numerology have always gone hand in hand. If you want the card to be calculated from today's date, you will discover a real treasure chest here. Ten different decks with their own interpretations are available for the date card. The displayed result always changes at midnight. This divination should be watched as something, that applies to all people, and not as something personal.

Draw one card

The fast way. Four cards are spread out and not turned around, this time. You can now choose your daily card from these. Immediately afterwards, the interpretation appears.

Today and Tomorrow

Basically it's just about getting two cards, one for today and one for tomorrow. Both are determined from a drawn selection, so that one's own decisions have a bigger influence on the divination than maybe in other readings.

You have the choice between this tarot and divination card decks:

Psychic Crystal Ball Tarot of the Day

This deck has all 78 cards of the major and minor arcana of the tarot. If you like finely tuned results that include many details, you should choose this one. The influence of the four magic elements earth, water, fire and air, which can be seen in the coins, chalices, sticks and swords, receives special attention, here.

Daily Love Tarot Card

The daily card for love gives answers to emotional questions. It focuses entirely on feelings and relationships. As preparation for a romantic rendezvous, if your thoughts revolve around your partner, or if your heart simply needs to know something.

Angel Cards for the Day

The bright and benevolent view. Are the angels trying to warn me about something? Or do they know how to achieve success and growth? In which matters can I expect more support and a protective hand?

Daily Lenormand Card

The deck of the famous Paris fortune teller, interpreted for the day. Sun, moon and stars lift the clouds and let us look at what will soon be possible or what will play a major role. Use the Lenormand deck for a psychic look at the very next future.

Daily Angel Tarot

Celestial messengers reveal new perspectives and bring the upcoming a little closer. They remind us of what we may need to know and give us an idea of what is going to happen very soon. They show ways to do the right thing and believe in goodness.

Today`s Tarot of Myths

Advice from a dimension full of elves, fairies and astral beings. They all present the major arcana of the tarot in a fantastic way and create an image of a world, that offers excitement and adventure as well as love, peace and fabulous experiences.

Witchcard of the Day

A multitude of witch personalities predicts the next time to come. Their character and what they stand for is derived from the enneagram. Nine personality types appear here in three very different forms, which vary between highly developed and vile. And all of them are skilled in magic.

Possible questions before drawing a card:

A classic reading

The most popular reading is probably the daily card. It provides predictive information about the near future. Its purpose is to give a hunch of what the current date has in store. Its popularity certainly comes from its simplicity. One card, one interpretation, one look at the immediate future. The focus can be on today, especially if you still have a lot of plans. But it can also fall on tomorrow, for example, if it is already quite late or something very special is pending.

This type of future forecast can point out opportunities or risks, and warn of possible errors or dangers. It points to subconsciously prevailing moods and anticipates both internal and external influences.

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