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​Two tarot cards divine the future like a horoscope. The first card stands for the planet, the second one for the zodiac sign.
Please touch the cards to start the reading.

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Card Reading

There has always been a connection between astrology and the tarot. In this reading, two drawn cards are construed similar to a horoscope.

The first card belongs to the major arcana and stands for the planet. The second one belongs to the minor arcana and describes the zodiac sign the already drawn planet currently visits. The foretelling is due to this combination.

  • Interpretations - Horoscope Tarot
  • Mercury in Earth Sign
  • Your ideas and your knowledge may foster your material success.
  • Mercury in Water Sign
  • You may combine mind and feeling.
  • Mercury in Fire Sign
  • Your willpower may help you focus on the most important things.
  • Mercury in Air Sign
  • Your bright mind works fast and can accomplish great things.
  • Mars in Earth Sign
  • You may set the world on fire with all your ego and your willpower.
  • Mars in Water Sign
  • A strong passion wants you to unite with other people.
  • Mars in Fire Sign
  • Your strong personality fosters your self-realization and your success.
  • Mars in Air Sign
  • You may grow and rise with the help of your intelligence.
  • Venus in Earth Sign
  • You may enjoy various pleasures and beautiful products.
  • Venus in Water Sign
  • You may open your heart and fall into a sea of love.
  • Venus in Fire Sign
  • A wish for love and beauty may capture your awareness.
  • Venus in Air Sign
  • You may understand your emotions and give them free rein.
  • Jupiter in Earth Sign
  • You may estimate your chances for career and success optimistically.
  • Jupiter in Water Sign
  • You may rely on mutual feelings and goodwill.
  • Jupiter in Fire Sign
  • You may convince people of your essential opinions.
  • Jupiter in Air Sign
  • Your mind has the ability to understand the bigger picture.
  • Saturn in Earth Sign
  • You are capable of forming this world and raising your wealth.
  • Saturn in Water Sign
  • You may be able to control your emotions and employ them for materialistic aims.
  • Saturn in Fire Sign
  • You may work on your worldly success with an iron discipline.
  • Saturn in Air Sign
  • You may use laws and rules for your advantage.
  • Uranus in Earth Sign
  • Intelligence and creativity may help you with your career and your wealth.
  • Uranus in Water Sign
  • Your inner voice may show you the way to original ideas and great progress.
  • Uranus in Fire Sign
  • You may realize, that you are an extraordinary and free individual.
  • Uranus in Air Sign
  • Letting your mind wandering may bring original ideas and solutions.
  • Neptune in Earth Sign
  • Your materialistic wishes may find a way to become reality.
  • Neptune in Water Sign
  • You may enjoy dreaming and relishing the beauty of the moment.
  • Neptune in Fire Sign
  • You might get what you want, but on nebulous ways and not at once.
  • Neptune in Air Sign
  • You may relish daydreams and the freedom of your imagination.
  • Pluto in Earth Sign
  • Powerful emotions may help you creating reality.
  • Pluto in Water Sign
  • Secrets and lost memories may affect your mood.
  • Pluto in Fire Sign
  • You may awake hidden powers and use them for your goals.
  • Pluto in Air Sign
  • You may be capable to reveal secrets and understandissues.