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How are my chances in love? How to find happiness? What brings harmony and togetherness? The Love Tarot can give answers to question like this.

With romantic pictures and emotional impressions, the Tarot shows its emotional sides. The interpretations focus on the affairs of the heart. According to the selected reading, they give inspiration for the love life, reveal a possible future, offer hints for singles or give advise on relationship questions.

Four cards are placed in a cross pattern. Depending on the focus and topic, the positions have different meanings.

For Relationships

  • 1. Question / Situation
  • The basic conditions are shown here.
  • 2. Me
  • 3. My partner
  • 4. Advice / solution
  • Hints from the Tarot how to solve a relationship problem or a common task.

    For Singles

  • 1. My Situation
  • How can the entire life situation of the questioner be described? Is there something to point out?
  • 2. My attitude
  • Singles' attitude towards love, partner search and the whole of life.
  • 3. My dream partner
  • Here either a real person is represented or an ideal image the seeker desires.
  • 4. I may get happy this way
  • On one hand, the cards give a hint on how to get the partner of your choice. On the other hand, they could also draw attention to the question, if happiness can be found somewhere else, perhaps even far away from the usual paths.

Yes or No?

  • 1. This stands for Yes
  • 2. This stands for No
  • 3. Outcome of No
  • Indication for the future. Where could this decision lead?
  • 4. Outcome of Yes

Do we match?

  • 1. This is me
  • 2. This is my partner
  • 3. This separates us
  • At this point, influences are described that keep both away from each other and make it difficult to be together. However, different attitudes or interests could also be revealed, which sometimes provide additional attraction.
  • 4. This connects us
  • A common ground is shown here or something else that fosters a future or present partnership.

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