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Ad Oranum - Got questions?
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The Tarot of Love answers your questions about romance and feelings. With online card readings for singles and relationships.

Do we match? Should I say yes or no? Where do we go from here? Draw a tarot card for the day or use a different spread.

The tarot takes a look at love? How do I find happiness? What brings me harmony and togetherness? The Love Tarot on the Psychic Crystal Ball gives answers to such questions.

This is a Tarot for love. You can recognize it by the design of the cards and the interpretations, as well as the subjects of the readings. It shows its emotional side with romantic illustrations and impressions. The interpretations are focused on the affairs of the heart. They give inspirations for the love life or glimpse into the future.

Which reading should it be?

Choose between a daily card and readings for relationships or singles. Find out whether you fit together, and how it may go further. There are clues whether he or she thinks of you and whether there exist already feelings. You can also receive answers to yes or no questions.

These love tarot spreads here can be selected. Apart from the first option, four cards are spread in a square pattern. Depending on the focus and topic, the positions have varying meanings.

Daily Love Tarot

Draw a daily tarot card. Find out the near future of your heart and receive a love divination for the day.

For the Relationship

1. Issue / situation

The initial situation is shown here.

2. Me

My role, perspective or behavior.

3. My Partner

At this position my better half is shown, how he/she sees everything, thinks and acts.

4. Advice / solution

Hint from the Tarot on how to solve a relationship problem or face a common challenge.

For Singles

1. My situation

How can the overall life situation of the questioner be described? Is there anything that should be pointed out?

2. My attitude

Attitude to love, partner search and the whole life.

3. My dream partner

Here, either a real person is shown or an ideal that the seeker wishes for. Be it for a relationship or even just for a short affair.

4. This is how I get happy

On one hand, the cards give an indication of how to get the partner of your dreams. On the other hand, they could also point out that you might find your personal happiness somewhere else, perhaps even far away from the usual paths or the traditional love life.

Yes or No?

1. This stands for Yes

The first option.

2. This stands for No

The second option.

3. Consequences of No

Indication for the future. Where the decision could lead.

4. Consequences of Yes

In which direction everything develops if I choose this alternative.

Do we match?

1. This is how I am

My peculiarities, especially in the context of the question.

2. This is my partner

What makes him/her so special? What should I pay particular attention to so I can find out whether and how well we fit together?

3. This separates us

At this point, influences are described that keep both apart and make it difficult to be together. However, divergent attitudes or interests that sometimes provide additional attraction could also be pointed out.

4. That unites us

Common ground is shown here, or something else that fosters a future or present partnership.

What happens next?

1. When does he/she get in touch?

There is an expectation or hope that someone will contact you. Perhaps you have discussed this after a date, or after you have met by chance. Here you can find a hint when this contact may occur.

2. What does he/she think (about me)?

How you are perceived in the eyes of others and what role you take. Possibly only one topic is shown here, which attracts a lot of attention at the moment.

3. What does he/she feel?

This can be affection, for oneself or for a completely different person. The position could also depict an emotional process that is currently in the focus.

4. What comes next?

A look at the time ahead, whether you might come together, stay together, and what the future brings in general.

In addition to the spreads just described, many other readings of the love tarot are available on the website to give their advice or show the future of the heart.

Tarot card reading for love

The cards are interpreted in common and for many situations. This makes it easier to adapt the result to your own situation or question. The key points provide an inspiring basis for this. If you want more specific questions, you can choose one of the other variants. Here you can find mostly general love tarot spreads.

The 38-piece love tarot deck includes the court cards and the Major Arcana. Their interpretation for love brings a piece of it into your own emotional life. Especially if you use the cards again and again and their answers are understood as suggestions that give new thoughts and perspectives.

Overall, tarot cards are a popular way to learn more about one's feelings. Many readings test the fate like an oracle and give answers about the present and the future. They predict how the relationship is likely to develop. In other cases, they indicate difficulties in finding a partner. Sometimes they compare the characteristics or attitudes of both life partners or the manifold consequences of the heart's decisions.

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