Back with the Ex Title

ich will Ex zurück
Ex will mich zurück
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A new attempt with the ex partner? Bringing back the beautiful things from the past? The Love Tarot gives advice for two possible situations, which can be selected at the beginning.

You want the Ex back

You'd like to get back together with your old love and figure out the best way to accomplish that. Perhaps your former partner is less excited about the idea than you, and you have to find a way.

Ex wants you back

The prior partner returns into your life and wants to be with you again. You remember the beautiful and problematic things and try to make the right decision.

The six positions of the reading:

1 - 2. The first two cards always represent you and your former partner. What the other four positions say depends on your selection:

You want to be together again

  • 3. how your chances are
  • 4. what can prevent it from happening
  • 5. the attitude that may work best
  • 6. what you can do to be successful with your plan

Your old love wants you back

  • 3. the common past, and what I should remember
  • 4. this speaks against it
  • 5. this speaks for it
  • 6. a possible common future